Favorite Pastime Online Activities of IT Professionals

You may not believe it, but IT professionals do get bored. These professionals are typically so busy with work that they find less free time. Especially after a hard day at work, they desire to spend their free time online on the best available activities.

But how exactly do they use the internet? What activities do they indulge in to pass their free time? Here is the list of these activities:

1.  Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Unlike blackjack on online casinos that don’t offer a live environment, a live dealer online blackjack works in real time. It holds a blackjack game with an actual human dealer dealing real cards on a live table.

The online casino releases an HD live stream where players connect to the casino’s server and view every hand dealt by the live dealer in real time. Multiple cameras work to focus on every angle, letting the player zoom in on their cards and the table.

The chat features allow the players to chat with the dealer, which makes the game more interesting. You can find some of the best live dealer blackjack sites reviewed here. So, click the link and indulge in some live-action blackjack.

Playing this game on the best online casinos provides some perks. These include the deposit and welcome bonuses, along with other promotional offers. As an IT professional, you may not have the time to switch between laptop and mobile devices.

Most online casinos offer mobile-optimized live blackjack or a mobile application allowing you to play the game on your mobile. Don’t worry about the game’s security, as the best online casino always holds a valid license and is integrated with proper technologies to avoid and eliminate threats and breaches.

2.  Watching Online Videos

We all are familiar with YouTube. Depending on what we like, we search for videos on YouTube. IT professionals do the same and search for videos they enjoy watching. Once they find the right one, they get caught up in the loop and spend hours on similar videos.

From watching tutorials, stand-up comedies, and motivational speeches to looking at the next breakthrough technologies, IT professionals can watch anything.

3.  Watching Sci-Fi Movies

Besides YouTube, IT professionals can stream online movies on premium subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. We all know what these IT professional will search for – Sci-Fi movies.

These Sci-Fi movies stimulate the brain and provide individuals with new ideas for the next breakthrough technology. They may even build innovative technologies with ideas stemming from these Sci-Fi movies.

4.  Listening to Music

Music is important. It stimulates the brain and relaxes the body. Depending on the taste and genre preference of the IT individual, they can listen to their favorite music online. Platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube can be the best for streaming music.

5.  Learning a Language

IT professionals pass the time with productive activities, like learning a language. And why shouldn’t they? Learning a new language is exciting and proves to be more productive. Plus, whenever you visit a new country with a different language than your country’s, it is best to be prepared beforehand.

You can find multiple online sites that offer free basic language courses. The advanced learning features may cost a few bucks. But once you start learning a new language, you can begin conversing with residents of that country to further improve your understanding of that language.

6.  Enrolling in a New Course

This should not come as a shock because IT professionals’ one of the most favorite activity is to keep updating their skills section. There is always a new innovation surging every month in the IT world.

As an IT professional, you need to stay on top of these newly emerging technologies by learning what they are and mastering them. Only then will you survive in the cut-throat competition found in the IT industry.

By taking a new course and learning it, you can have an unprecedented advantage over other IT professionals. Check out Youtube or other online academies for these courses. The chances of finding your desired course are greater on sites like Udemy and Coursera.

7.  Online Gaming

Last but not least! Online gaming is perhaps the most desired pastime activity of an IT pro. Plus, who doesn’t love a few hours spent on online gaming? Playing online games like COD, PUBG, and DOTA-2 stimulates the brain and focuses on developing new strategies.

This enhanced thinking pattern allows the IT pro to think outside the box and come up with new solutions and ideas. So, gaming for an hour or two daily benefits the brain.


These are only a few ways IT professionals spend their free time online. The preference boils down to personal likes and dislikes. So, what do you do in your free time?


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