Hexnode’s 3rd Global User Conference HexCon22 Wraps Up With Great Success

“Digital transformation drives the global GDP,” says Apu Pavithran

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#endpointmanagementHexnode, the enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc., announced the wrap of its third global annual user conference, HexCon22.

The three-day event that streamed from Sept. 21 –23, 2022, hosted a staggering 100+ speakers from the fields of enterprise mobility management, endpoint security, cybersecurity, IoT, and more. Amounting to over 50 hours of content, the conference witnessed highly engaging participation from attendees, including speakers, partners, customers, and tech savvies from across the globe. The 2022 user conference themed on “The Future in Focus” was an initiative to bring together the Hexnode community and tech enthusiasts worldwide to discuss the current and future state of the cyber world.

Following the keynote addresses by Hexnode’s executives, the event kick-started with an insightful session by Ciaran Martin, the Founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, along with Hexnode’s CEO Apu Pavithran. Prominent speakers including Andrew Hewitt (Senior Analyst at Forrester), Frank Figliuzzi (Former FBI Assistant Director), Joe Tidy (BBC News Cyber reporter), Lesley Kipling (Microsoft Chief Cybersecurity Advisor-EMEA), Jerich Beason (CISO at Capital One), Jacob Luna (Oracle Senior Cloud Advisory Consultant), Nick Shevelyov (First CSO at Silicon Valley Bank), along with other renowned speakers addressed the gathering, sharing their insights on the recent developments in the IT industry. Giving equal significance to the digital growth the sector has witnessed, the sessions also focussed on the human element responsible for building toward a safer cyber environment.

With various consulting and advisory agencies predicting the growing market of UEM, the Hexnode leadership took the stage to reveal what it had in store for its user community. Hexnode’s CMO, Rachana Vijayan, announced the recent extension of Hexnode Academy, which currently offers sector customized courses like UEM for kiosk management, UEM for education, UEM for retail, UEM for transportation and logistics etc.

The third edition of HexCon saw the release of a few of Hexnode’s key features: while iOS users can look out for iOS data monitoring and iOS user enrollment, Hexnode has extended its remote-control feature for Android devices as well. Additionally, Hexnode’s co-management feature comes to play, enabling devices initially enrolled in a UEM solution to be simultaneously supported by Hexnode’s basic device management functionalities.

“The sheer number of cyber-attacks including, but not limited to, phishing, DDoS, SQL injections and even Zoom bombings are a testament to how this is the time that we shift a good portion of our time and efforts to securing our systems,” said Apu Pavithran, CEO and Founder of Hexnode. “That is exactly what HexCon tries to help us all do, to unify in the face of atrocities and share information of the right kind to help each other,” he added.

The company plans to launch its own suite of enterprise application and application management assemblage. Apu Pavithran also disclosed that Hexnode was on the verge of releasing its SaaSOps management platform, Hexnode Do.

The user conference concluded with Pavithran thanking the speakers and Hexnode team for their unwavering support. Those who wish to access the event platform could head on to Hexnode’s official LinkedIn and Twitter handles to continue the conversations.

About Hexnode

Hexnode, an award-winning cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, was developed with the mission of helping enterprises manage their device fleet. Recognizing the value of corporate data and witnessing the emergence of BYODs, COPEs, and COBOs, Hexnode has been in an endeavor of introducing intelligent technologies to safeguard devices against threats and thefts. It offers full mobility management software compatible with all major platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and Apple TVs. Hexnode, known for its enthusiastic support crew, offers a free trial for those interested in giving it a try.

About Mitsogo Inc.

Mitsogo Inc. has established itself as one of the leading vendors of endpoint management and security solutions throughout the years. Mitsogo Inc., the company behind the award-winning Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management software, has been supporting businesses in securing their corporate endpoints since around a decade now. Mitsogo’s device management expertise to boost business productivity and compliance has been leveraged by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500s. Mitsogo’s products are designed to adapt to the most complicated business contexts.


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