Home Connectivity Alliance Member Company CEOs and Top Leadership Convene at IFA 2022; Discuss Sustainability and Cross-Industry Support

News Highlights:

  • Top leadership viewed Home Connectivity Alliance’s first C2C interoperability demo, a symbol of the cross-industry support for the alliance
  • HCA brings together companies facing the same challenges and provides a path to safe and secure interoperability of connected home products, regardless of manufacturer
  • Manufacturers in the connected home ecosystem are encouraged to join the alliance now to help shape the future of C2C interoperability for the home

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem, welcomed top leadership from its member companies this week at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

“The commitment of all of our member companies, both present at IFA and supporting virtually, is a strong example of our continued momentum,” said Yoon Ho Choi, Home Connectivity Alliance President. “This unprecedented alliance of industry leaders from competing companies shows the cross-industry support of HCA’s mission. The technical demonstration at IFA proves we are on the right path towards C2C interoperability and we invite all other connected home manufacturers to join us now.”

Leaders from Arçelik, Electrolux, GE Appliances, LG Electronics, Samsung, and Vestel gathered to view the live demonstration at IFA 2022 at the Home Connectivity Alliance technology showcase. All leaders from member companies provided the following statements:

“At Arçelik, we are dedicated to a sustainable, connected future and have long been at the forefront of innovation in the seamless smart home experience. In this ever-expanding connected home environment, collaboration is essential to simplify control and improve the customer experience while maintaining the safety and security of digital homes. This is why Arçelik is a proud founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance with the ultimate aim of setting industry standards, as manufacturers, to bring the quality of life at home to a new level. Coming together at IFA this year, we are excited to showcase our collective expertise in facilitating cloud-to-cloud interoperability of smart home devices across brands to simplify control and improve the customer experience while maintaining the safety and security of digital homes.”

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO Arçelik

“As a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance we are thrilled that we have reached this first important milestone together with our fellow alliance members. Together we can enable products in homes from multiple brands to connect and work seamlessly together and deliver ease of use and convenience for consumers. We look forward to taking the next steps with HCA in Home energy management to enable more sustainable experiences in homes all over the world.”

Jonas Samuelson, CEO Electrolux

“As a leader in smart home appliance technology and a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance, GE Appliances looks forward to helping make the vision of the true smart home a reality. Bringing together global brands across multiple product categories will help create an evolving ecosystem of offerings that will be able to meet the future demands of consumers in today’s rapidly changing world. With an extensive portfolio of smart products and a strong presence in the new construction market, we look forward to bringing together all the smart devices in a home through our SmartHQ application and cloud-to-cloud interoperability.”

Kevin Nolan, President and CEO of GE Appliances

“As a founding member, Haier is proud to participate and enable Home Connectivity Alliance to present the interoperable demo from scratch in a short time period. It reflects the excellent effort and wide consensus among the member companies. We look forward to connecting Haier Smart Home ecosystem with the global ecosystem partners to enrich the smart home experience for our consumers. We believe that HCA will continue to innovate and fill the gap of IoT industry in the future.”

Li Huagang, President of Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd.

“LG Electronics has joined the Home Connectivity Alliance as a board member to help provide more choice and convenience to consumers, and to play a leading role in the continuing evolution and strengthening of the smart home ecosystem. We are currently expanding our lineups of ThinQ-enabled appliances while also accelerating the interoperability of our smart home platform with solutions from other HCA-member brands.”

Lyu Jae-cheol, President of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

“Resideo’s work with the Home Connectivity Alliance and other partners who manufacture long-life appliances, HVAC systems and consumer electronics will help ensure safe and secure interoperability of devices across the connected home ecosystem,” said Jay Geldmacher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Resideo Technologies, Inc. “Many homeowners already have smart appliances installed in their homes with many more years of service left and HCA will enable a cloud-to-cloud connection for those appliances to bring greater value in their connected homes. Resideo is motivated to partner with industry leaders and innovators to deliver comfort, safety and energy solutions that help protect what matters most.”

Jay Geldmacher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Resideo Technologies, Inc.

“Samsung is a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance and looks forward to connecting the wide range of global brands through SmartThings to bring seamless experiences for our consumers. This effort will enable not only the new devices but the devices that are already in our homes and expand the convenience to include other global brands, reflecting the real homes of our consumers. HCA can serve as a platform for innovations in home energy management, resulting in a more sustainable world for everyone.”

JH Han, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman & CEO

“As a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance, Trane Technologies delivers seamless home comfort experiences accelerated through partnerships in the smart home ecosystem. By offering interoperability with Trane and American Standard HVAC systems with other devices in the home, we help consumers make smarter choices about energy usage, which positively impacts their experience as well as the environment.”

Jason Bingham, President of Residential HVAC and Supply, Trane

Noting that they joined the HCA Board of Directors with the goal of providing users with greater convenience and more options, Turan Erdoğan, Vestel CEO, said: “We are creating a joint communication infrastructure in order to help end users run on a single mobile app the smart products of each and every HCA member. At Vestel, we are also assuming a pioneering role in smart city and smart home platforms with artificial intelligence software and our IoT competencies. We believe that joining the Home Connectivity Alliance will be a driving force for us. This invaluable membership will allow us to reinforce our current position while continuing to take responsibility in setting the standards in the field of IoT, which still has a lot of room for improvement.”

Turan Erdoğan, Vestel CEO

Member support

HCA was launched in 2022 by leading manufacturers in the connected home space to foster innovation and provide consumers with safe, interoperable appliances in the connected home. HCA now includes 13 brands and features member companies American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Arçelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances, Samsung, Trane Residential, and Vestel. HCA recently welcomed LG Electronics and Resideo as its newest members.

Join Home Connectivity Alliance

Connected home manufacturers are encouraged to join HCA now to be part of the future of C2C interoperability. To learn more about the Home Connectivity Alliance, membership benefits and how to join, visit www.homeconnectivityalliance.org.

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The Home Connectivity Alliance is a member-driven organization dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem. For more information, visit www.homeconnectivityalliance.org.


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