immudb First Immutable Database to Provide Extension to Ethereum Blockchain

Data security now guaranteed by the ethereum distributed ledger, while storing data inside high-performance immudb

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#codenotaryimmudb, the only immutable enterprise-scale database with cryptographic verification, today announced an extension that supports Ethereum Mainnet blockchain that provides high performance for ethereum-based applications, plus which provides another level of untampered data security. Now, immudb can be used as an Ethereum Layer-2 solution using Zero-Knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups) to massively increase throughput by moving computation and state-storage off-chain.

Until now, technical limitations and regulations for financial services and others have made it hard or even impossible for businesses to store data in a blockchain. With this new immudb extension, the integrity and verifiability of data stored on-premises is now also guaranteed by the public and distributed ethereum blockchain, without storing actual data outside of immudb. Users can store their data in immudb and stay compliant with regulations and still enjoy the benefit of a blockchain proof of no tampering, beyond what immudb already offers.

“The combination of the tamper-proof immudb data store with ethereum provides an added layer of security no one else has, while delivering regulatory compliance, and most importantly, maintaining the high performance of immudb that is millions of transactions per second,” said Dennis Zimmer, chief technology officer of Codenotary, the maintainer of open source immudb.

Unlike other databases, immudb is built on a zero-trust model: history is preserved and can’t be changed. Data in immudb comes with cryptographic verification at every transaction to ensure there is no tampering possible. immudb can be deployed in cluster configurations for demanding applications that require high scalability, up to billions of transactions per day, and high availability. The support of both key/value along with SQL makes it simple to use immudb in new and existing applications. Support for Amazon’s S3 storage cloud provides immudb with virtually unlimited data storage capacity. With immudb’s Time Travel feature, organizations can travel back and forth in time and see the change history of their data.

immudb is capable of protecting sensitive data for workloads that require the utmost in security. Codenotary uses immudb to underpin its software supply chain security product. There have been more than 15 million downloads of immudb so far. The software can be downloaded here on GitHub. To learn more, go to

About immudb and Codenotary

Codenotary is the primary contributor to the immudb project, which was started by the company in 2020. Codenotary specializes in trust and integrity providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all data, artifacts, actions, and dependencies. Codenotary brings easy to use trust and integrity into the software lifecycle using immudb to underpin its notarization and verification product for creating Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). For more information, go to


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