Landindex Expands Itself as a Metaverse Data Analytics Tool

Innovative online platform for LAND information, Landindex Expands, announces the launch of a new data analytics tool on Metaverse for Land valuations

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – September 2, 2022) – Landindex looks set to revolutionize the concept of LAND ownership, as the platform continues to expand, adding new functionalities and features to deliver a better experience to users. In a related development, Landindex recently launched its new data analytics tool on Metaverse to emphasize the value of the land on Metaverse. It also has a new addition of features known as Land valuation and ICE Poker Leaderboard.

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The recent development and expansion will help businesses, traders, and investors understand the land value at Metaverse. The company also launched new features to its platform to enhance the usage of its Metaverse data analytic tool – Land Valuations tools and ICE Poker Leaderboard. In addition to the recently launched features, Landindex company also offers a tool for navigating and comparing all metaverse parcel data in unprecedented detail. It allows users to reach sales, user, volume data, and a host of others. “Landex finding creators in the metaverse” is the next decade’s technology trading play. assists its users in navigating the growing space.

Landindex helps people to understand the value of land in the Metaverse by providing a comprehensive overview of how each land is performing over time. The services offered by Landindex include Metaverse Land Prices Tracker for navigating, comparing, and planning around LAND prices across many metaverses on Ethereum and Metaverse Parcel Analytics Tool to enable users to navigate, list, and compare all metaverse parcel prices by ETH floor prices across all maps. Landindex also enables the purchase and sale of land NFT, making it easy for users to navigate “the next decade’s technology trading service.”

Furthermore, Land(index) refers to indexing data, and Land (Ex) relates to the exchanges the team facilitates between metaverse participants. Currently, it is very ad hoc and imperfect to find builders and artists to hire on the Metaverse. All of these features contextualize the major metaverses, with a more relatable setting to deliver the best experience. Landindex has grown in popularity and acceptance since it was launched in 2021, serving different categories of clients, including Metaverse Architects, Event Managers, Videographers, Realtors, NFT/Content creators, AR / VR Software Engineers, Game Designers, and Marketing Managers, and Security/Ad-Blocking Experts. The company also serves Avatar clothing/wearable designers, Data bounty hunters, UI/UX Product Designers, Community Managers, ESports players, Professional Poker players, and DJ/Band members, amongst others.

The user-friendly Landindex platform has a clickable dashboard with an overview of the Metaverse market and projects. The data shown on the dashboard include Floor price, Average price, 1-day change, 7day change, 30day change, 1-day volume, 7-day volume, 30-day volume, Total Land, Items, and Owners of each project. Consequently, being a community member of Web3 and NFTs, Landindex is a powerful Metaverse data aggregator platform. The newly developed features of Landindex provide a comprehensive overview of land price, ownership, and investment across the different Metaverses, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, NFT World, Otherside, and many more leading virtual worlds.

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About Landindex

Landindex is a platform that makes accurate information regarding the LAND available to the public in a concise manner in graphs, charts, and one-to-one comparisons. The information displayed will be updated with their manual API, which updates the price of NFTs constantly.


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