Onramp Invest Announces Custom Models, Qualified Accounts, and Zero Platform Fees

CEO, Eric Ervin, to premiere new features during Future Proof’s FintechX Demo Drop on September 13.

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bitcoinOnramp Invest, the turnkey digital asset service for financial professionals, announced a trio of exciting new features today including a first-of-its-kind version of its robust crypto platform with zero platform fees. The company was also chosen to be one of the exclusive FintechX Demo Drop presenters at next week’s Future Proof Festival, where Onramp’s CEO, Eric Ervin, will showcase the product’s latest tools to bridge the worlds of traditional and digital investments.

Since our inception, Onramp Invest’s mission has been to bridge the gap between traditional finance and evolving digital asset markets, helping financial professionals provide innovative crypto investment services to their clients. Now, with zero platform fees, advisors can provide comprehensive crypto services to their clients with no out-of-pocket investment or incremental charges. This new, cost-efficient version of Onramp Invest will still allow advisors to onboard clients quickly and safely, as well as easily access a wide array of crypto assets through their choice of qualified custodians, view client data within their favorite software applications, and automatically optimize holdings via Onramp’s exclusive Model Marketplace.

“This is revolutionary,” stated Eric Ervin, Onramp’s CEO. “Onramp already boasted the most advanced set of integrated crypto tools and services for financial professionals, but to offer these services with no platform fee at all is a game-changer. Our goal with starting Onramp was to break down all barriers to digital asset investment, and this does exactly that.”

In conjunction with free access, Onramp is rolling out two additional advanced features. For the first time in its history, Onramp will support qualified account investments. Advisors and asset managers will now be able to invest client IRA and Roth IRA funds in Onramp’s diversified crypto offerings while maintaining compliant tax protections and end-to-end accounting for their qualified accounts. Also, new Custom Models will allow managers to create their own comprehensive, personalized models, as well as combined models, seamlessly integrating a variety of digital assets, allocations, and rebalancing strategies.

“Qualified account access into Onramp is the #1 request we receive from financial advisors,” continued Ervin. “It makes sense as it opens up twelve trillion dollars in investable assets in the U.S. And with custom models, firms will be able to build unique, personalized indexes and share them with their entire organization. I’m so proud of the way our development team implemented these solutions, which are extremely powerful while maintaining complete ease of use. And we’re not done yet. Next week at Future Proof, we’re going to sneak peek some more features coming to Onramp that will redefine how we think of crypto investing.”

“Our independent judging committee selected Onramp Invest as one of this year’s FintechX Demo presenters due to its innovative digital assets offering for financial advisors,” said Matt Middleton, CEO of Advisor Circle and creator of the Future Proof Festival. “We’re excited to introduce Onramp to our community, including thousands of forward-thinking financial advisors.”

About Onramp Invest

Onramp Invest is the world’s most advanced digital asset wealth platform empowering financial professionals to intelligently manage multi-asset portfolios. As financial technology and digital asset innovation continue to expand at a rapid pace, financial advisors, RIAs, broker-dealers, asset managers, and commercial banks can leverage Onramp Invest to bridge the gap between traditional and digital markets in a way that is compliant, efficient, and drives desired investor outcomes. And through Onramp’s flexible technology, financial professionals can stay ahead of the crypto curve and support the ongoing evolution of digital asset classes—from NFTs to tokenized real assets and more. #unlockthefuture at onrampinvest.com today.



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