Oola Announces New Partnership with the Association of California Nurse Leaders

These nursing professionals can now easily access the Oola Lifestyle Framework

SACRAMENTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Groundbreaking self-development company Oola recently formed a partnership with the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL). This unique relationship provides nurses within the organization with discounted access to the digital Oola Lifestyle Framework as well as other self-improvement digital courses offered by Oola.

To find out more about Oola and its life-changing opportunities, please visit oolalife.com.

“The nursing profession is vital to a functioning healthcare system, which is why we are so honored that the ACNL would see the value in what Oola can offer to their members,” said Oola Co-Founder and CEO Travis Ogden. “It is a great privilege to bring Oola to the ACNL membership base and to be able to help their nurses live a life of more balance, growth and purpose.”

Oola’s Lifestyle Framework is a proven, step-by-step personal development system that is personalized to each user’s goals, dreams and challenges.

Recognizing that nurses are often overworked and in high-stress positions, Oola hopes this unique partnership will provide nurses with additional tools to care for themselves in the way they care for others.

“Nurses selflessly pour into others, often to the detriment of their own physical and mental health,” Ogden said. “By providing the simple Oola Framework, it is our goal that nurses are able to restore a healthy work-life balance, and therefore, be more equipped to serve the needs of patients long term, all while minimizing the risk of professional burnout.”

A partnership with Oola fits well with ACNL’s mission of providing learning opportunities and a stronger voice for nursing professionals across California.

“ACNL desires to assure nurses have the support needed to provide balance in their lives and to maintain a healthy well-being,” said Dr. Kimberly C. Long, CEO of ACNL. “We are honored to partner with Oola to provide the tools, expertise and support to assist nurses in realizing that balance.”

About ACNL

ACNL is the professional association for nurse leaders, consisting of approximately 1,300 nurse managers, nurse directors, chief nursing officers, nurse educators, and others across California. Created and embraced by nurse leaders, ACNL provides lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of current and emerging nurse leaders and is the primary resource representing professional nursing’s voice regarding health care issues in the state.

About Oola

Founded in 2012 by international bestselling authors, work-life balance experts, and holistic healthcare providers, Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, Oola provides a simple and easy-to-follow lifestyle framework designed to lead you, step by step, to a life of less stress, more personal growth, and a clearer path toward living your unique purpose. The concept was originally ideated in 1997 as Dr. Braun and Dr. Amdahl worked to better themselves in the seven key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and Fun. Since then, the Oola lifestyle has become a global phenomenon, with over a million followers in 40 countries actively creating their best lives. In 2021, Oola launched an affordable personal development digital platform to add to its offerings and accelerate Oola’s goal of impacting one billion lives in seven years.

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