Raises $10 Million to Solve Content Creation and Management Challenges at Scale Using AI

First platform dedicated to helping sales and marketing teams develop and distribute high-performing copy efficiently has been adopted by more than 75 organizations, including AT&T, Crunchbase, Sophos, and Auth0

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the GPT-3 powered SaaS platform that elevates organizations’ sales and marketing content across teams and mediums, today announced that it has raised $10 million in Series A funding. Scale Venture Partners led the round, with participation from Foundation Capital, South Park Commons, and prominent angel investors. Funds will be used for product development as the company continues to add features to its platform. A first-of-its-kind offering designed specifically for enterprise sales and marketing teams, uses generative AI to make it easier than ever for companies to automatically generate quality copy and content, store it for sharing, approval and messaging consistency across teams, export sequences to sales engagement platforms, and suggest copy improvements based on campaign results.

Demand for is rapidly increasing because companies have such a wide range of ways to communicate with their customers, including email, social media, SMS, podcasts, online advertising, and more. Because companies have so many platforms and mediums at their disposal to speak with customers, it’s a constant challenge for content marketers, sales development representatives (SDRs), and account executives (AEs) to continuously produce compelling content to reach their customers.

Since copywriting quickly becomes unmanageable and unproductive when spread across multiple teams, some companies look toward outsourced copywriters or agencies to write their email sequences, SMS campaigns, call scripts, and social media ads. But, outsourcing creates substantial organizational challenges and fails to effectively align written communications with business output. Keeping messaging consistent and persistently updated is a significant challenge. provides a cohesive platform that makes content creation and management simple and effective.

“ has solved one of the biggest pain points for all businesses – how to handle their content so that they can communicate better with customers,” said Srinath Sridhar, CEO and co-founder of “We’re applying highly advanced generative AI systems to optimize all of the content workflows for go-to-market teams and make copy creation not only more efficient but more impactful.”

A New Way to Consider Copy for Teams enables organizations to create copy, at scale, for the dozens of platforms they use to reach their many target customer personas. It leverages generative AI for consistency, speed, and quality, and copy follows workflows for sharing, commenting, and approval. currently offers four products that support the entire Go-To-Market (GTM) team’s content needs, including:

  • Blogs, Social Posts & more: Content creation is slow, manual, and expensive. composes original, SEO-optimized content in 80% less time with the only generative AI copywriter designed for marketers and sellers.
  • Sales Sequences: With, GTM teams can easily create custom sales sequences in minutes using generative AI and best practices, making sequence writing simple.
  • Content Management System: Teams can leverage the content that has proven to be effective to maximize impact and execute consistently throughout the revenue team.’s content management system eliminates the need for additional expensive software solutions.
  • Browser Extension: comes right into the user’s inbox to analyze emails, access important collateral, research a prospect, and more without switching tabs or playing the copy and paste game. tracks over 35 million individual emails spanning thousands of sales sequences, with language models retrained on these campaigns to produce perfect content at the same quality as hand-crafted sequences. Its systems work off of a significant part of the web to understand and write for the entire GTM team.

The platform currently supports more than 75 SaaS customers, including AT&T, Crunchbase, Sophos, Auth0, and more. It also integrates with sales engagement platforms like, SalesLoft, and Hubspot.

“ allowed us to upskill a new marketing team with minimal customer writing experience into a team that was writing customer emails that outperformed industry standards in a matter of days,” said Andrew Major, Associate Director of Marketing at AT&T. “In a market where the competition for talent is at an all-time high, this is a tool that enables better work faster.”

“ is helpful for anyone trying to scale sales development. With new reps, there’s no guarantee who’s going to be successful,” added Will Reyes, SDR Manager at Crunchbase. “ provides a good baseline and sets us up for consistent results. That alone is a win.”

The Right Combination for Success was founded by Dr. Srinath Sridhar and Matt Millen. Together, Sridhar and Millen bring a wealth of AI and sales experience, enabling them to create a transformational product. Dr. Sridhar was formerly the co-founder of BloomReach and Onera, and Millen formerly C-Level in sales, growth, and revenue across companies like (where he grew revenues from $5M to $50M), FLEXE, T-Mobile, Anthony Robbins Companies, Gateway Computers, and more.

“We stand firmly behind the belief that cognitive apps solving real-world problems are transformational technologies, and fits squarely within Scale’s generative AI investment thesis,” said Rory O’Driscoll, Partner at Scale Venture Partners and new board member. “We routinely see the challenge that growing GTM teams have in creating consistent, quality content that’s on brand and on message. solves this pain, thanks in large part to Matt and Srinath’s complementary backgrounds.”

About is a GPT-3-powered SaaS platform that automatically generates copy, stores it for reuse across teams, exports sequences to engagement platforms, and suggests copy improvements based on campaign results.’s product generates content for each step in a sales sequence, including subject lines, cold emails, value propositions, sequence flows, call scripts, LinkedIn blog posts, follow-ups, and more. By connecting directly to CRM platforms like and Hubspot, is able to evaluate how sales sequences perform and dynamically suggest improvements to the content library. replaces slow, ineffective, external copywriters and agencies that fail to make copy iterations based on hard data.’s 75+ SaaS customers include AT&T, Crunchbase, Sophos, Auth0, and more. was founded by Dr. Srinath Sridhar and Matt Millen. Dr. Sridhar was formerly the co-founder of BloomReach and Onera, and Millen formerly C-Level in sales, growth, and revenue across companies like, FLEXE, T-Mobile, Anthony Robbins Companies, Gateway Computers, and more. raised a total of $10M from Foundation Capital, Scale Venture Partners, South Park Commons, Day One Ventures, and angels like Sriram Krishnan (Kearny Jackson), Manik Gupta (CPO Uber), Raj De Datta (Founder/CEO BloomReach), and more. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with a global employee base.


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