Cannalogue Accepts Payment by Visa Debit

New payment method for medical cannabis in Canada

TORONTO, Oct. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Healthcare technology company, Cannalogue adopts new payment method for legal cannabis in Canada. Starting today, accepts payment for medical cannabis through Visa Debit. Cannalogue clients will be able to use Visa Debit to purchase medical cannabis products on Cannalogue for Canada-wide delivery. Health Canada approved medical cannabis products from Cannalogue are delivered direct-to-the-consumer from the cannabis producer assuring maximum product quality. Cannabis businesses will be able to utilize Visa Debit services for business-to-business (B2B) wholesale cannabis transactions through Cannalogue.

“We want to offer Canadians the best transaction experience and today is a big step forward for legal cannabis payments in Canada,” says President & CEO of Cannalogue, Dr. Mohan Cooray. Due to recent surcharges associated with credit cards, Visa Debit may emerge as the preferred payment method for e-commerce in Canada. Cannalogue believes Visa Debit will be beneficial to the Canadian medical cannabis consumer. “Visa Debit is particularly important for recurring essential e-commerce purchases such as medical cannabis products where the benefits of Visa Debit outweigh the risks of credit cards given the new surcharge uncertainty,” says Dr. Cooray.

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