Engineering Director, Inc. (EDI) Announces the Launch of the ISO 9223 C1-C5x Web Application

EVANSTON, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The worldwide cost of corrosion is an estimated $2.5 trillion dollars annually, according to NACE (AMPP) International (2016). The ability to properly classify the corrosivity of environmental conditions is crucial to managing asset life-cycle costs. Accurately assessing the environmental corrosion risk ensures that infrastructure owners can optimize their maintenance budgets, while improving safety and reliability. This can reduce risk and save owners of infrastructure millions of dollars per year.

Engineering Director, Inc. (EDI), a premier global provider of corrosion and risk assessments for steel surfaces, has launched a free web app that allows users to assess the corrosivity of an atmospherically exposed environment using the ISO 9223 C1-C5x standard, machine learning, and spatial analytics. This tool uses atmospheric sulfates (pollution), chlorides (sea spray), temperature, and relative humidity to give users an estimate of how corrosive an atmosphere is for steel. This technology is also available with an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers building integrations.

Joe Mazzella, EDI President, says, “for over 20 years, coating manufacturers have been specifying protective coating systems to meet the standards of ISO 12944, with limited ability to assess atmospheric conditions over a broad geographic area. The Engineering Director, Inc. web application makes it easy to assess atmospheric exposure (ISO 9223), in an effort to specify the optimum coating system based on the desired life expectancy.”

Harry Tsaprailis, Enbridge Pipelines, Ph.D., P.Chem., says, “The ability to understand the local atmospheric corrosivity category (ISO 9223) associated with our company assets is critical in determining the correct protective coating that should be applied. With this knowledge, owners can ensure appropriate long-term protection of carbon steel assets.”

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Engineering Director, Inc. (EDI) is an engineering consulting firm specializing in developing, implementing, and measuring lean business processes and strategies through the effective use of Information Technology (IT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). ​


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