eureKARE to host SynBio Day 2022 entitled ‘Synthetic Biology for the Protection of our Planet’

eureKARE to host SynBio Day 2022 entitled
Synthetic Biology for the Protection of our Planet

  • To be held 13-14 October in person in Monaco and online; delegates can access the virtual event here
  • More than 25 international experts to speak on harnessing synthetic biology for the benefit of our environment

Paris, France – 10 October 2022: eureKARE (“the Company”), a pioneering company focused on financing and building next generation biotechnology companies in the disruptive fields of synthetic biology, is hosting its annual SynBio Day on 13-14 October in person in Monaco and virtually.

Following the success of the inaugural 2021 event, SynBio Day 2022 will bring together researchers, industry partners, government representatives and investors to discuss the opportunities and challenges of applying synthetic biology solutions to tackle climate change and benefit our environment.

Synthetic biology is being explored across the spectrum of environmental challenges including innovation in greener products such as biofuels to reduce global emissions, creating bioplastics to replace plastic in furniture and packaging, and engineering bacteria to degrade synthetic materials, which could help reduce the more than 165 million tons of plastic that has contaminated the oceans.

The Scientific Centre of Monaco is a key supporter of this event. Since 1989, the centre has specialised in many areas linked to the environment including: marine biology, polar biology, environmental policy, astrophysics, and sustainable development.

Over the two-day event there will be keynote speakers, expert round tables, and a green technology and NGO showcase, covering new research, policy, commercialization, legal aspects, not-for-profit projects, and more.

The event will be hosted in Monaco, recognizing the country’s avant-garde ecological example and rich maritime history, and will be available to attend online.

To attend SynBio Day 2022 virtually, please join the LinkedIn event group here.

Key presenters at SynBio Day 2022 include: Prince Albert II of Monaco; Alexandre Mouradian, Chairman and Co-Founder of eureKARE; Denis Allemand from Centre Scientifique de Monaco; Hinrich Grothe, University Professor at Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Tina Šantl-Temkiv, Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark; Rachid Benchaouir, Chief Executive Officer of Coraliotech, Monaco; and Christian Voolstra, Professor at University of Konstanz, Germany.

Topics that will covered include key initiatives in ocean and atmospheric sciences such as mitigating the ecological collapse of coral reefs, ice-active proteins at the interface between marine and atmospheric environments; and high-value proteins from corals.

Please view the full program here.

Alexandre Mouradian, Chairman and Co-Founder of eureKARE, commented: Planet health is human health, and this year’s SynBio Day will concentrate on synthetic biology for the protection of the planet. With a wide array of potential applications, synthetic biology is an unexploited toolkit which offers new solutions to tackle a variety of ongoing global issues. At eureKARE, we are proud to be facilitating the discussion and development of these synthetic biology applications through our annual SynBio event, and through our ventures and SynBio studios. We are thrilled at the calibre of speakers who will be presenting and who demonstrate Europe’s strength in fundamental sciences, with a focus on synthetic biology as a potential solution to tackle oceanic and atmospheric challenges. It is set to be an engaging and insightful event.”


About eureKARE

eureKARE is an investment company focused on financing and developing synthetic biology across Europe. Driven by the belief that synthetic biology holds the key to many of the world’s most pressing health and environmental challenges, eureKARE’s experienced team is focused on harnessing Europe’s untapped leadership in the field to build the companies of the future. eureKARE is championing a new model of start-up creation and development to create a dynamic ecosystem of early and later stage ventures through its network of synthetic biology studios. Backed by a proprietary AI tool, eureKARE’s studios act as a bridge between academia and industry, helping to catalyze researchers’ innovations into companies with access to all the ingredients they need to grow, prosper, and bring benefits to society.


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