Fivetran Extends Partnership with Microsoft Azure; Adds New Product Capabilities 

Adding support for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform simplifies and accelerates data movement for enterprises

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, today announced an extended partnership and new product capabilities with Microsoft Azure to help joint customers accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. The deepening partnership between Fivetran and Microsoft Azure includes support for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, in addition to integrations with Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) products, ultimately helping to deliver a more seamless solution for automated data movement in the enterprise.

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a set of comprehensive, integrated Azure data and analytics services that help reduce friction in data flows across enterprise data. Fivetran supports the Intelligent Data Platform by integrating with Azure Synapse and providing reliable, high-quality data movement across the ecosystem. As a result, Fivetran and Microsoft joint customers can accelerate value creation from their data assets. Fivetran is committed to expanding its integration with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and plans to add an integration supporting data replication with its high-volume agent (HVA) connectors to ADLS Gen2 as a destination.

Fivetran’s ‘no code’ data integration capabilities make it simple for customers to integrate data from a broad spectrum of cloud-native SaaS applications and databases with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform for analytics applications,” said Karthik Ravindran, General Manager, Enterprise Analytics and Data Governance, Microsoft.

Enterprises today are looking to maximize efficiencies and accelerate their data consolidation and transformation strategies to gain better business insights. The integration enables Microsoft customers to take advantage of the scale, automation and performance of a modern data stack with Fivetran and Microsoft Azure. With data consolidation and transformation workloads occurring in the Azure cloud, Fivetran customers will benefit from more comprehensive analytics and insights using additional Azure data services.

The Fivetran data integration solution helps Azure customers automate and reliably centralize data into Azure Synapse environments,” said Logan Welley, Vice President of Alliances at Fivetran. “Our joint customers include global enterprises – ranging from a leading health technology conglomerate to a popular U.S.-based insurance provider. Our collaboration with Microsoft has consistently grown over the years, as we share a commitment to help new and existing customers accelerate data-driven decision making.”

Fivetran and Microsoft Azure work with hundreds of mutual customers including top global enterprises to help them successfully accelerate data-driven digital transformation. For example, one of the most respected insurance companies in the U.S. is focused on a large-scale modernization of their data infrastructure on Azure. Fivetran enables them to centralize all of their data across different business units, while improving data accessibility.

To learn more about the Fivetran and Microsoft Azure partnership, please visit the Fivetran Azure solution page or reference the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem announcement.

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