Health Outlook Corporation Partners with Applied Underwriters to Introduce Album Life Assurance

– Health Outlook will use its proprietary health prediction algorithms across the healthcare ecosystem to enhance life insurance products, pricing and delivery at a newly formed insurance underwriter –

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Health Outlook Corporation, a health prediction company using modern proteomics to better predict health events and improve health outcomes, announced today that it is partnering with Applied Underwriters®, a global risk services firm, in the formation of Album Life Assurance, a managing general underwriter that will offer a suite of insurance products.

The mission of Album Life Assurance is to find innovative ways to use life science and biotechnology to enhance valuable, personalized life insurance and related products that will help families manage some of the uncertainties of life.

“This groundbreaking partnership, one of the first uses of proteomic science in the augmentation of traditional life underwriting principles, is a powerful validation of our advanced statistical and AI technologies to better predict health events and potentially improve health outcomes,” said Howard Sams, CEO of Health Outlook Corporation.

“We at Health Outlook have high aspirations for ourselves and for Album Life Assurance,” continued Sams. “If we can better predict mortality, then human quality of life could be meaningfully enhanced by protecting the moments to come with superior underwriting methods that more accurately assess the health of the individual person.”

Applied Underwriters Chairman Steve Menzies observed that the life insurance market has functioned for decades largely unchanged but is now rapidly transitioning to an online centric model: “There is a massive amount of momentum in the life insurance industry towards underwriting through the analysis of big data to help streamline costs and enable rapid, online underwriting and sales.”

Mr. Menzies concluded, “At Album, we foresee a substantial competitive advantage in using the best of proven life underwriting methods while significantly enhancing them through the application of the latest scientific technologies and advancements. Our partners at Health Outlook will leverage their state-of-the-art predictive proteomics technologies for life science/biotechnology applications; Applied will handle developing the related statistical research and data analytics. The resulting innovative products will have the potential to be very beneficial to our policyholders.”

Album Life Assurance will be headquartered in New York and expects to begin accepting applications for insurance in the third quarter of 2023. The Company plans to offer term life insurance, long-term care insurance and catastrophic health insurance. Initially, term life insurance will be offered in key US markets, and term life and catastrophic health insurance will be offered in select foreign jurisdictions.

About Health Outlook (

Health Outlook Corporation is a health prediction company using modern proteomics to better predict health events and improve health outcomes. Health Outlook’s proprietary algorithms use statistical models of mortality risk that incorporate traditional factors and modern proteomic markers. Using a common platform, Health Outlook is launching businesses that leverage its algorithms in the financial services and health systems markets.

About Applied Underwriters (

Applied Underwriters® is a global risk services firm that helps businesses and people manage uncertainty through its business services, insurance and reinsurance solutions. As a company, Applied Underwriters has been distinguished by its innovative approaches to client care and by its strong financial strength. Applied Underwriters operates widely throughout the US, UK, EU and Middle East. Its operational headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Album Life Assurance (

Album Life Assurance is a managing general underwriter that will offer a suite of insurance products that value and respect the human individual, their privacy and their own ideas of happiness. Through a partnership based on the strong financial strength of Applied Underwriters and the advanced proteomic-based algorithms developed by Health Outlook and the power of its combined operational, research and development capabilities, Album Life will develop better ways to use science and technology to form valuable, personalized longevity assessments, allowing it to look at each of its customers as a real, unique human being.


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