Pramana to Introduce Digital Pathology 2.0 – a New Standard in Whole Slide Imaging – at 2022 Pathology Visions Annual Meeting

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Pramana will each present a poster highlighting Pramana’s innovative digital pathology solution

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pramana, an AI-enabled health technology company, will introduce Digital Pathology 2.0 – the new standard in whole slide imaging – and showcase its Digital Pathology as a Service (DPaaS) solution at the 2022 Pathology Visions Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Oct. 16-18 (booth #319). Additionally, two posters will be presented at the meeting, demonstrating the power of Pramana’s software-driven whole slide imaging (WSI) data generation process.

“We are heralding a new paradigm in whole slide imaging, significantly elevating image data and quality compared to what the industry has previously seen – this is Digital Pathology 2.0,” said Prasanth Perugupalli, Chief Product Officer, Pramana. “For nearly a decade, digital pathology has focused on delivering a quality image. Lab managers, technicians, and pathologists that hoped to embrace a digital workflow faced difficult choices and less-than-ideal compromises. Pramana now offers a solution that eliminates these challenges and delivers true replication of analog microscopy into the digital realm. Pramana’s Digital Pathology as a Service shifts the focus to enriching whole slide images with valuable information to deliver the ultimate promise of digital adoption through improved handling of data, intuitive visualization of the specimen, universal search, and multi-modal dashboards for informed decision-making.”

Pramana’s DPaaS offers a first-of-its-kind service to efficiently digitize pathology slides at scale by removing the operational hassles, allowing pathology labs to seamlessly and cost-effectively secure high-quality images. Pramana’s SpectralHT solution enables slide digitization with almost no burden on the operator, eliminating nearly every decision required, rapid loading and unloading, intelligent error handling of slides that aren’t made to perfection, real-time in-line quality analysis of every field on the slide, and triggering fully autonomous rescans when needed. This allows for a true assessment of the workflow needed to adopt digital practice in the lab.

At the meeting, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Pramana will co-present a poster, titled “Whole Slide Scanning Solution for Pathology Glass Slides of Challenging Variable Quality.” The study utilized Pramana’s SpectralHT solution to scan highly challenging slides. Pramana’s scanners produced high-fidelity whole slide images and autonomously highlighted any resultant out-of-focus fields, air bubbles, and tissue folds with industry-leading accuracy levels. The quality detection algorithms’ results were validated through manual verification and resulted in nearly 100% concordance. The poster highlights Pramana’s solution’s ability to provide fully automated quality assurance deployment in a clinical or archival setting, helping to potentially reduce labor costs and save time.

A second poster, titled “Digital Slide Replica for Slides With Artifacts: ROI for Pathologist, Technician, and Lab Managers,” demonstrates Pramana’s experiences and learnings from a massive scale digitization effort at a major academic medical center.

“Pathology research needs to elevate toward previously not-understood inferences and predictive outcomes so that tangible positive impact can be delivered to patient care. Digital Pathology 2.0 holds the promise for a generational advancement in laboratory workflow and adoption of data science for diagnostics. We look forward to continuing to build momentum and expand our previously announced and ongoing programs,” Perugupalli said.

Visit Pramana at booth #319 or schedule a meeting here.

About Pramana, Inc.

Pramana, Inc. is a health technology company from nference that enables seamless digital adoption by pathology labs and medical centers. The turnkey digital pathology transformation is supported by cutting-edge systems and a scalable software platform. Pramana is a gateway for pathologists/physicians to utilize AI-enabled decision support, leveraging nference’s triangulation platform. With an expansive software offering roadmap and attractive bundled pricing on a pay-per-use model, Pramana enables efficiencies and unlocks the potential in digital pathology. Pramana offers an end-to-end solution for labs and hospitals, removing the complications of working with multi-vendor solutions. For more information, visit


Andrea Sampson, Sampson Public Relations Group

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