Riskonnect Partners with LineSlip to Streamline Insurance Program Management

The alliance automates insurance document data extraction and delivers intelligence dashboards, equipping risk managers with deeper program visibility

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, today announced a new partnership with LineSlip Solutions, the leader in insurance technology for extracting and managing insurance program data. LineSlip’s AI technology is now integrated directly into Riskonnect’s Risk Management Information System (RMIS) solution, enabling customers to significantly streamline and automate insurance program management.

LineSlip reads, extracts, and organizes key policy information without manual keying. Insurance program data is ingested into Riskonnect automatically, allowing customers to take a strategic approach to insurance management and get even more value out of the Riskonnect platform.

“Insurance program management is a critical component of an organization’s risk operations, but it is often riddled with burdensome manual work and paper-based processes,” said Kathryn Carlson, senior vice president of product management at Riskonnect. “Our partnership with LineSlip addresses this pain point with the automatic ingestion of insurance program data into the Riskonnect platform. Our customers now have access to critical insurance intelligence in real time and at their fingertips, enabling strategic insurance program management.”

LineSlip converts key insurance program documents into data-rich insurance intelligence dashboards. Risk managers gain one-click access to a 30,000-foot view of their program information, including coverages, rates, premiums, carrier details, and more. The automatic extraction of insurance document data eliminates tedious, paper-based processes, which streamlines program management and delivers faster reporting, clearer stakeholder communication, fewer errors, and more capacity for risk managers to take on strategic leadership initiatives.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Riskonnect and provide more organizations with easy access to their insurance program data,” said Leo Bernstein, CEO of LineSlip Solutions. “Risk professionals are earning a seat at the table and are increasingly looked upon to help guide their organizations. The ability to quickly tap into insurance intelligence and make informed and confident decisions is critical to this strategic leadership. Our alliance with Riskonnect enables this level of visibility and agility.”

Learn more about Riskonnect’s RMIS solution here.

About Riskonnect

Riskonnect is the leading integrated risk management software solution provider. Our technology empowers organizations with the ability to anticipate, manage, and respond in real-time to strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. More than 2,000 customers across six continents use our unique risk-correlation technology to gain previously unattainable insights that deliver better business outcomes. Riskonnect has more than 800 risk management experts in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit riskonnect.com.

About LineSlip Solutions

LineSlip Solutions is an award-winning SaaS company bringing the digital revolution to the risk and insurance world. The company’s innovative Commercial Insurance Risk Intelligence (CIRI) software converts program documents to data-rich dashboards, giving risk executives instant access to the information they need to stay empowered and effective. This cloud-hosted solution enables faster reporting, clearer stakeholder communication, fewer errors, and more capacity for strategic leadership. Learn more about LineSlip’s solution here.


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