SNIPR Biome Launches A Non-Profit Patent Licensing Program To Enable The Field of CRISPR Editing in Prokaryotes

SNIPR Biome Launches A Non-Profit Patent Licensing Program To Enable The Field of CRISPR Editing in Prokaryotes

Copenhagen, October 03, 2022: SNIPR Biome ApS (“SNIPR” or “the Company”), a company pioneering CRISPR-based microbial gene therapy, announces that its patent portfolio covering the use of CRISPR/Cas systems to edit prokaryotes is now available for academic and non-profit research use without a written license.

SNIPR has developed a technology platform that uses CRISPR/Cas to precisely target and edit prokaryotes, such as bacteria. The Company has an extensive patent portfolio which contains more than 20 granted patents in the US and Europe. The portfolio broadly covers fundamental scopes protecting the use of CRISPR to combat infectious disease pathogens, modulate therapy outcomes (such as for oncology and immunology) and add new gene functions to human and animal microbiomes.   These technologies underpin SNIPR’s broad R&D pipeline which addresses the unmet needs of high-risk patient groups. SNIPR’s lead program (SNIPR001), a CRISPR-armed bacteriophage cocktail that targets antibiotic-resistant E. coli infections in hematological cancer patients, is currently in the clinic in the US undergoing Phase I trials. This experimental medicine is the first orally dosed CRISPR-based therapeutic candidate.

SNIPR is committed to enabling and fueling the development of innovative therapies using the technologies covered by its patent estate. To this end, SNIPR is making its technologies available to third parties for research purposes. For non-commercial academic and non-profit use, no written license to SNIPR’s CRISPR tools, methods, or other intellectual property is necessary. More information about SNIPR’s patent estate, can be found at

Dr Christian Grøndahl, Co-founder and CEO of SNIPR Biome, commented: As part of our commitment to patients with life-threatening diseases, we want to ensure that our technologies’ potential is realized as extensively as possible. Therefore, we believe that it is important that, along with our own commercial efforts to bring these advances to patients ourselves, we enable academic and non-profit researchers by making our advances in CRISPR research and technology widely available to the global research and discovery community.



SNIPR Biome is a clinical-stage company developing precision medicines for vulnerable patients with difficult-to-treat conditions. We are pioneering a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to better treat and prevent human diseases through precision killing of bacteria or gene modification. SNIPR Biome is a leader in this transformational area of science, with a clinical trial underway, strong IP, and a diverse and experienced team. We are the first company to orally dose humans with a CRISPR therapeutic and the first company to have been granted a patent for the use of CRISPR for targeting microbiomes. In addition, SNIPR has developed a platform that uses CRISPR technology to achieve gut-directed gene therapy. SNIPR is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more details, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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