Turing’s CEO Jonathan Siddharth Set to Speak at Web Summit 2022

Tech Leader Disrupting Traditional Hiring Model to Provide Insights at Annual Conference

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Turing, a technology company disrupting the traditional recruiting model for companies seeking to source the most deeply vetted developers and teams, matched by AI, announced today that its Co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Siddharth has been chosen to speak at Web Summit 2022. The summit will be held in Lisbon, Portugal and runs from November 1-4.

Siddharth has four speaking engagements that will focus on the future of work; global integrated teams; and scalability. Engagements include:

Wednesday, November 2, 12:25 – 12:45

How to attract international talent
What are the key strategies for attracting top talent in the global economy? Businesses are increasingly embracing the remote work dynamic, and this has expanded the available workforce. While this allows businesses to tap into a global network of talent, it also leads to a stronger level of competition for hiring the top talent. Join us as we explore how organizations can differentiate themselves in their efforts to attract the top talent, and how to best retain your workforce.

Wednesday, November 2, 16:05 – 16:25

AI, but to unleash the world’s untapped human potential
Over the past few years, we have seen a profound and permanent shift from traditional static work arrangements to a new culture of moveable work, with an opportunity radius that covers the entire planet. But what happens next? Turing CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Siddharth, will guide us through the challenges and opportunities associated with going ‘boundaryless’, and explain how we can unleash the world’s untapped human potential via AI

Thursday, November 3, 10:00 – 10:45

Building without boundaries – Hosted by Jonathan Siddharth, Turing
In the past, companies had no easy way to source great people from a global talent pool. They had limited ability to evaluate candidates without familiarity with foreign schools or companies, and they met severe challenges when matching people to opportunities on a massive scale. Managing boundary-less teams required infrastructure that didn’t exist a decade ago, but does today. How can companies effectively hire, build, and scale their teams in a remote-first world? Turing co-founder and CEO Jonathan Siddharth takes your questions and shares experiences.

Friday, November 4, 11:25 – 11:45

Beyond the talent pool’s horizon
The work landscape has forever changed post-Covid, and companies need to adapt with it to stay on top. But how do you shift your infrastructure if you want to avoid being confined by boundaries? Turing co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Siddharth, and Franzi Löw, co-founder and CTO of Localyze, share their key insights.

Turing will also be announcing a new product at the summit, and please email john.ordona@turing.com if you are interested in connecting with Jonathan Siddharth and Turing.

About Turing

Turing is a technology company that is disrupting the traditional recruiting model for companies seeking to hire the most deeply vetted developers and teams, matched by AI. The company’s software-driven Talent Cloud is an AI-powered platform that sources, vets, matches, and manages developers for some of the world’s leading companies, including Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Disney, Reddit, Rivian, and OpenAI. Turing has received numerous awards including Forbes 2022 “One of America’s Best Startup Employers,” The Information’s “Most Promising B2B Startup,” and Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. The company has raised more than $140 Million from investors including: WestBridge Capital, Foundation Capital, Stanford StartX and executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. Turing’s last round of funding was on a $4 Billion valuation cap. To learn more about Turing visit turing.com.


John Ordoña

Global Head of Communications


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