Aegiq launches the world’s first compact true single-photon generator to enable high-performance applications in datacentre and lab environments

Aegiq’s first of its kind field-deployable prototype solution, iSPS, will launch today at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London, UK.

London, UK; 11th November 2022: Aegiq, a start-up developing solutions to enable wide-scale adoption of quantum technologies, has today launched the world’s first compact true single-photon generator, iSPS.

This is the first in Aegiq’s line-up of products targeted at research and high-end industrial applications. With its customisable configuration, optical fibre output and best in class parameters, including device efficiency and quantum properties, iSPS series unlocks new horizons for use cases in next-generation quantum networks, applications in metrology, such as microscopy, and quantum computing.

Max Sich, CEO and co-founder of Aegiq commented: “One of the key challenges in making practical true single-photon sources is ensuring that photons are emitted whenever they are needed with complete certainty and that the system emits exactly the same photon every single time. The iSPS series devices solve these problems.”

The core of iSPS technology is based on years of research excellence in fundamental quantum physics as well as semiconductor manufacturing science. Aegiq’s patented technology, which is based on a semiconductor chip with embedded photonic structures and so-called ‘quantum dots’, brings these approaches to the next level of efficiency and reliability. With additional support from Innovate UK, this technology is providing world-leading research to the scalable manufacturing sector.


About Aegiq
Aegiq (/ˈiːdʒɪk/, ee-jik) is accelerating the global transition to quantum, by developing mass-market applications with scalable technology. Aegiq is using its single-photon and integrated quantum optics platform to build a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology, and to address the growing need of global leaders to stay ahead of the tech curve.

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