Altimetrik’s DEX Employee Engagement App Enables Empowered, Committed, and Energized Talent

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Altimetrik, a global pure-play digital business and digital transformation company, has rolled out Altimetrik DEX, a comprehensive employee engagement app built to drive engagement through usage-based personalization, AI, and gamification in an effort to better empower and connect with its 5,500-plus employees covering four continents.

With global employee engagement and well-being lagging, and worker stress at an all-time high, enterprises must work harder than ever to engage and nurture the talent required for success. Altimetrik developed DEX to improve employee retention rates, drive high performance and productivity, and generate innovative ideas that unlock sustained growth, all from a single interface. Altimetrik will white label the offering to its customers, which include some of the largest and most influential brands in the world.

“COVID has only created more obstacles to engagement, and companies that choose to ignore the realities of employee stress and their difficulties in maintaining well-being will be left behind,” says Altimetrik CEO Raj Sundaresan. “We built DEX to address these concerns and create a welcoming and energizing environment for our team, enabling them to establish stronger connections with each other and the company, and bring their aspirations and ideas to life.”

DEX drives engagement by connecting all enterprise systems and providing a unified, seamless, and self-serviceable experience to its users. It enables talent to:

  • Create awareness and connect through real-time updates and engagements
  • Perform and win guided by opportunity mapping, goal-setting, performance assessment, and recommendations
  • Innovate and inspire by bringing ideas to life to solve business challenges
  • Learn and grow via learning paths and practitioner certifications
  • Access all employee essential services and easily perform day-to-day activities

The app covers the entire employee lifecycle with scenario-based services and offers simplified workflows, curated content, and notifications that create connections. Altimetrik DEX is designed to be a one-stop shop for most employee services, connecting enterprise platforms like SuccessFactors, Salesforce, NetSuite, ADP, Qualtrics,PayBooks, and more.

Altimetrik DEX’s candidate engagement capabilities cover talent attraction, acquisition, and reception with corporate branding, awareness, and lead generation to enable a best-in-class hiring experience and a warm and seamless onboarding.

“With the enormous shift to digital, we wanted to connect the underlying systems required for a one-stop shop for employee services, a unified and positive experience that is real-time, action-oriented, and personalized,” says Altimetrik’s ​​Ganesh Raj Mohan Parimelazhagan, Head of Global Technology, Platforms, IT, and Innovation. “We are confident that DEX will develop employees who are overwhelmingly committed, empowered, and energized.”

Altimetrik’s DEX is free and available to current and future employees on both iOS and Android platforms. To download the latest free version, visit Altimetrik on the iOS App Store or the Google Playstore.

About Altimetrik

Altimetrik is a data and digital engineering services company focused on delivering business outcomes with an agile, product-oriented approach. Our digital business methodology provides a blueprint to develop, scale, and launch new products to market faster. Our team of 5,500+ practitioners with software, data, cloud engineering skills help create a culture of innovation and agility that optimizes team performance, modernizes technology, and builds new business models. As a strategic partner and catalyst, Altimetrik quickly delivers results without disruption to the business.


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