ChaosSearch Launches New Platform Integrations with Datadog and Cribl to Deliver Best-of-Breed Observability and Operational Insights at Scale

Company to speak at AWS re:Invent 2022 in a session focused on building best-of-breed observability solutions

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#datalakeChaosSearch today announced several new platform integrations designed to support growing demand for less complex, less expensive cloud data solutions. With these new partnerships, organizations can leverage the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform to simplify storing, searching, and analyzing massive amounts of operational data that informs more valuable, strategic business decisions.

Organizations today need a broad set of cloud services to modernize their applications, enhance system security, and deliver greater value to their customers. At the same time, application-generated operational data is complex, constantly growing, and coming from a variety of sources – making it difficult to source and analyze. The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform solves for this problem by indexing data on a customer’s preferred cloud, helping users achieve greater operational investigation, visualization, and alerting.

To further extend the power of this platform, ChaosSearch has created new technical partnerships with Cribl and Datadog. These integrations will make it easier for joint customers to remove the cost and retention limitations of their log data, unlocking full visibility and analysis. Specifically, the combination of Cribl Stream and the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform will optimize customers’ SIEM, APM, and observability solutions, improving incident investigation, threat hunting, and more. Similarly, Datadog users will be able to leverage ChaosSearch to gain a centralized, 360-degree view of their log data and enhance the benefits of Datadog for metrics and tracing, all while reducing costs.

In addition to its newly announced partnerships, ChaosSearch has also added SQL Trino API access for relational workloads, allowing for both operational and analytical questions of a single, unified dataset. The combination of new partner integrations and enhanced log capabilities are driving significant value for users, with Modica, ServicePower, and Sixth Street joining ChaosSearch’s growing list of enterprise customers.

“Building best-of-breed observability platforms that can handle the increasing volume and complexity of operational data is no easy feat,” said Thomas Hazel, Founder, CTO, Chief Scientist, ChaosSearch. “Most modern cloud platforms are not capable of scaling as organizations produce more data and limit views into critical insights that inform business decisions. ChaosSearch was created to fix that, and we look forward to educating the AWS re:Invent audience later this month.”

ChaosSearch will present its new capabilities and integrations at AWS re:Invent 2022, taking place November 28-December 2 in Las Vegas. The lighting talk, “Three key considerations for deploying best-of-breed observability,” will be led by CEO Ed Walsh and offer attendees expertise on how to build cost-effective, scalable observability tools that deliver superior operational insights and reduce data complexity. This expertise is further outlined in ChaosSearch’s new seven-part video series, “The 7 Challenges of Big Data Analytics,” led by Hazel. More information can be found here.

To learn more about ChaosSearch, visit or stop by the company’s booth at AWS re:Invent, #3040.

About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch enables organizations to Know Better™ by activating the data lake for log analytics, delivering unparalleled operational investigation, visualization, and alerting at scale. ChaosSearch eliminates the architectural bottlenecks that cause today’s complex solutions to fail. The end result: rapid time to insights paired with simultaneous reductions in time, cost, and risk. Cloud-based organizations including Equifax, Blackboard, and Digital River rely on the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform to query their cloud object storage directly within their preferred visualization tools.

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