Flowcarbon Launches Flow3rs, A Collection of Decentralized Art For Climate

The Flow3rs collection includes 200 unique pieces of net carbon negative art.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flowcarbon, a leading climate technology company creating carbon reduction and removal solutions, is excited to unveil Flow3rs, a collection of decentralized art for climate impact. Flow3rs aims to galvanize new communities to finance climate positive action by way of art and innovative Web3 technology.

The goal of Flow3rs is to merge the worlds of art, technology, and sustainability. The Flow3rs collection features 200 unique pieces created by world renowned artists: Danny Cole, Olive Allen, Andre Oshea, Lindsey Byrnes, Franky Nines, Ezra Br0wn, Maxwell Tilse, and Gabriel Bouchard. The pieces all represent the artists’ expression of humanity’s influence on the natural world, and they view Flow3rs as a way to mobilize the art and Web3 communities for climate action.

“What’s more important than saving the only home we have — our planet? Climate change threatens every living being on Earth and our own survival. But there is still a chance to turn things around. And I’m prioritizing working with the companies actively building solutions to save Earth from catastrophic impacts.” – Olive Allen, Flow3rs artist.

Flowcarbon and the artists designed the Flow3rs to be a net carbon negative project that maximizes opportunities for financing climate impact. More than two thirds of proceeds will go towards retiring carbon credits issued by projects from the developing world that protect natural ecosystems and endangered wildlife and have a verified, measurable impact on removing carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. In this way, the collection is not only a manifestation of art inspired by nature, but is also a means of empowering artists who wish to use their artwork and their influence in Web3 communities to drive action on the urgency of climate change.

“We worked with an impressive group of artists to carefully curate the pieces included in this series, which range from photography and generative art to 2D illustrations and 3D renderings. All of the works are centered around humanity’s influence on the natural world, our inspiration for this electrifying new collection.” – Dana Gibber, CEO of Flowcarbon.

“The vision for Flow3rs is to add the invaluable dimension of sustainability to the unique and compelling work these artists are already creating and which collectors covet.” – Phillip Fogel, Chief Blockchain Officer at Flowcarbon.

Flow3rs aligns with Flowcarbon’s mission to advance climate action through technology and financial innovations that scale the voluntary carbon markets as an engine for achieving the world’s net zero carbon goals. This project engages Web3 communities and artists who are passionate about the power of art to inspire us to action and the potential of decentralized technologies to galvanize collective action for the planet. Within the Web3 community, Flowcarbon has partnered with Project GodJira as a strategic advisor and with Serotonin and Mojito for the collection’s launch.

The carbon credits that will be retired as part of the Flow3rs collection will include the Valparaiso Project, a conservation project in the Brazilian Amazon, as well as two other projects protecting threatened rainforest ecosystems in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

The Flow3rs auction and access to the whitelist begins on November 28. General sales and minting begin on December 6. To learn more about Flow3rs, please visit us online or join us at Art Basel.

About Flowcarbon

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company working to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling maximum capital to be invested directly into projects that combat climate change. Flowcarbon is committed to driving impact for people, biodiversity, and the planet. To learn more about our work, visit our blog.

About Danny Cole, Olive Allen, Andre Oshea, Lindsey Byrnes, Franky Nines, Ezra Br0wn, Maxwell Tilse, and Gabriel Bouchard.



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