French Luxury Jewelry Brand Goldmark Oakham Introduces the Magic Soul Diamond

As the property of sovereign ownership, Goldmark Oakham’s Soul Diamond has always stood firm in the market.

Gaithersburg, Maryland–(Newsfile Corp. – November 7, 2022) – Goldmark Oakham is actively developing and has recently introduced the unique Magic Soul Diamond, using a technology that develops ashes into cremation diamonds containing DNA elements. Positioned as an “Antique mixed with modernity” in the market, the soul diamond is progressively advanced with technology with the goal of storing all generations of family happiness into luxury jewelry pieces.

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French Luxury Jewelry Brand Goldmark Oakham Introduces The Magic Soul Diamond

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To preserve the memory and bond of loved ones, the soul diamond cremation diamonds are made from carbon extracted from cremation ashes or hair. After the hair and cremation ashes are purified, they are placed in the synthesis environment. The precisely controlled chamber turns ashes into diamonds by recreating the natural conditions for diamond growth. Each cremation diamond is naturally grown and truly unique.

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The Ambassador of Goldmark Oakham claimed: “Goldmark Oakham, as a business that brings family connections, connects the world with the goal of ensuring the most effective and reasonable resources for future generations.” Recreating the natural conditions for diamond growth in the synthesis environment, Goldmark Oakham’s precisely controlled chamber turns ashes into truly unique soul diamonds that are diverse in size, shape, and color.

Each step of the soul diamond business at Goldmark Oakham, despite requiring a large amount of capital and the activities of collecting rare materials such as ivory, tiger fangs, or even parts of Hollywood superstar DNA, maintains the standards and exclusiveness. From the stage of Calcium Carbonate refinement, the High Pressure-High Temperature Process to the diamond polishing process that is strictly in accordance with the 4C gradings of gemological institutes, the organization ensures the soul diamonds be purified to an extremely high level.

Differentiating itself as more than jewelry, soul diamonds meet the criteria of “non-conflict”, “legal and authorized”, and fully comply with UN resolutions. They represent the largest value that occupies the smallest space. The jewelry is extremely easy to store and carry and thanks to a Certificate of Free Circulation, while an equal amount of gold requires more storage space and weight.

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About Goldmark Oakham

Goldmark Oakham was inspired in Paris in 1947 by D Corneone Oakham and is long renowned for quality craftsmanship and unparalleled design. Having the vision to create a high-end jewelry brand that is still environmentally friendly, developing nature and future generations of mankind, Goldmark Oakham’s designs are not only sophisticated, and perfectionist but also breathe life. All diamond products at Goldmark Oakham are meticulously crafted from the golden hands of skilled craftsmen.

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Name: Christina Hathaway
Organization: Goldmark Oakham

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