Innovation Minds announces a holistic Survey-as-a-Service model for managing enterprise engagement surveys

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of their new cloud-based survey solution, which combines both the breakthrough technology and embedded AI as well as the associated services. It enables companies to leverage Innovation Minds’ market research practices and institutional partnerships such as UC Berkeley and UC Davis to design and implement impactful surveys relevant to the new-normal we currently live in. In this model, Innovation Minds provides all of the technical expertise, data collection and analysis necessary to build an effective survey while clients maintain control of their brand and message.

It is especially designed for companies who want to conduct their own surveys but seldom have the time or resources to do so. It is ideal for small scale or larger organizations who want to improve their employee satisfaction scores by conducting quick surveys on a more regular basis as well as annual engagement surveys. The proprietary software platform allows clients to implement their company’s survey process for any demographic, any browser on any device at any time in any language, and in a secure environment where confidentiality is guaranteed.

Bala Balasubramaniam, CEO of Innovation Minds, stated, “There are usually four major aspects to any survey program–design & roll out, employee survey experience & response rate, real-time analytics, and most importantly, the enablement & support for managers to follow up & follow through. While the more popular solutions like Gallup, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, or Culture Amp may provide good survey experience for users, we hear from our clients that they fall short of providing full scope of support across all aspects to truly help managers and HR to champion the action plans for their organizations.”

This Survey-as-a-Service solution allows organizations to quickly design and implement surveys to collect data from employees across any given population on a variety of topics. It is the ideal solution for companies who need a scalable survey tool that allows them to generate valuable insights from employee feedback and gather actionable insights to help drive performance, engagement and innovation.

This solution also offers a customizable dashboard comprising survey results, analytics, insights, and action plans. It allows managers to drill down or up through any part of their matrix and review survey conclusions, evaluate scores at question level or theme level analysis, download custom reports, and connect reporting tools through seamless API integration.

Bala added, “One of the unique and innovative value Innovation Minds solution provides is the Survey Sprint framework. It is a combination of facilitated workshops and AI-based strategic insight tools to help managers collaborate and formulate individual action plans to address the gaps and opportunities identified by the survey results. It empowers managers to progress and execute pertinent action plans by migrating them to our own integrated project management tools or the more traditional OKRs/Goals system clients may already use. Some clients are even facilitating curated innovation sprints to carry forward the action plans’ execution.”

It’s not just about what employees say, it’s equally about how managers follow through. Give your managers the right tools to empower them to become the champion of engagement, innovation and collaboration in your organization.

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Bala Balasubramaniam, CEO, Innovation Minds.
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Maria Carmina,
Head of Customer Success & Outreach, Innovation Minds.

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