KNIME Unveils KNIME Hub to Accelerate Data Science Upskilling and Scale Data Impact

AUSTIN, Texas & ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIKNIME, the data analytics company, today announced KNIME Hub at its flagship event KNIME Fall Summit 2022, being held in Austin.

Making sense of data is critical to any organization, but the data literacy skill gap remains a major barrier to bringing data-driven decision-making into a part of every workday. According to McKinsey, only 7% of executives feel they can close that skills gap over the next five years. With the latest release, KNIME takes yet another step to accelerate upskilling and make data-driven decisioning pervasive across any organization.

Over the past year, KNIME has been investing heavily into improving the user experience for its open source, low-code, no-code data analytics platform, recognizing that ease of use is critical to upskilling. To that effect, a preview of a sleeker UI was released earlier this year. In addition, KNIME also improved its Python integration, allowing users to easily script and share in KNIME Analytics Platform without installing additional software. With these major developments and more, KNIME continues to ensure that users of all experience levels can collaborate and easily leverage the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to access and prep data, rapidly build analytical models, and visualize results.

“KNIME was started on the premise that data science is a collaborative discipline, relying on close efforts between different domain and business experts. The more we enable teams to learn, reuse and adapt each other’s solutions, the faster we move toward a reality in which an organization is truly making sense of its data,” added Michael Berthold, CEO and co-founder of KNIME.

KNIME Hub – Beyond Collaboration

For many years, the free and open source platform has been complemented by KNIME Server, the commercial software for productionizing data science solutions. More recently, users have also been able to leverage the KNIME Community Hub to share and collaborate on thousands of data science solutions globally.

With the new release, KNIME Server capabilities have been integrated in KNIME Hub and offered as KNIME Business Hub. Businesses now have a single environment for all data workers to securely collaborate and share best practices as well as deploy and monitor their analytical workflows. The scalable, cloud-native architecture along with teams-controlled execution enables fast community adoption and reduces the burden on central IT. This suite of features enables organizations to build vibrant data science communities and accelerate the spread of data-driven decision-making.

KNIME Hub, as always, can be accessed online as KNIME Community Hub, or it can be installed within a company’s private infrastructure as KNIME Business Hub. For teams who are not yet ready for an enterprise solution, KNIME Community Hub now also offers smaller teams private, secure collaboration capabilities.

KNIME Business Hub allows users to share knowledge within their organization or privately within their team. Team members can browse, download and share their solutions with other users and deploy their workflows as data apps and services that can be made available to the wider organization, helping accelerate the process of data literacy upskilling.

“Over the years, we’ve seen the power of community-driven innovation with KNIME Community Hub. We learned that data science communities can grow organically and flourish — if we just empower them with common language (via the no-code, low-code environment in KNIME Analytics Platform) and the means to quickly share and learn from each other’s solutions,” said Christian Birkhold, head of product management at KNIME. “Today, we’re excited to bring the same concept to businesses in a single, scalable platform.”

KNIME’s open source approach means the cost of any individual getting started is zero. Organizations across industries are seeing value from this approach, including those sharing their success stories at today’s KNIME Fall Summit event: Procter & Gamble, the FDA, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom and many more.


KNIME helps individuals and organizations make sense of data.

KNIME bridges the worlds of dashboards and advanced analytics through an intuitive interface, appropriate for anybody working with data. It empowers more business experts to be self-sufficient and more data experts to push the business to the bleeding edge of modern data science, integrating the latest AI and Machine Learning techniques. KNIME is distinct in its open approach, which ensures easy adoption and future-proof access to new technologies.

Headquartered in Zurich, KNIME has offices in Austin TX, Konstanz and Berlin. Learn more at

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