SafeMoon Introduces new “Tokenomics Supervisor” for Non-Flat Fee Tokens that run on Multiple Decentralized Exchanges

– As decentralized exchanges grow more prevalent, SafeMoon is leading out to resolve the issue of fee discrepancies for Non-Flat Fee Tokens that choose to register on multiple de-centralized exchanges –

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DeFiSafeMoon has taken another step in the development of a more meaningful ecosystem for cryptocurrency and distributed financial (DeFi) technology. Today SafeMoon announced the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor, to resolve a growing issue facing non flat-fee tokens that deploy on multiple decentralized exchanges.

The Challenge

In the existing paradigm, tokens that require different fees for transfer, buy and sell transactions (“non flat-fee”) create a difficulty for DeFi exchanges that can result in incorrect fees when the tokens are registered on more than one DeFi exchange.

The SafeMoon Resolution

To resolve this challenge on SafeMoon’s own decentralized exchange (known as the SafeMoon SWaP), SafeMoon has partnered with AI and Blockchain expert Dr. Adel ElMessiry in the creation of the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor, a patent pending invention that operates in two steps:

  1. Token Registration – As Partner Tokens register with the SafeMoon SWaP, the system notes that they need to be supervised and documents what is missing from the fee rules for buy/sell transactions.
  2. Token SWaP – As the tokens swap, the Supervisor checks and loads the fees against the registration requirements and manages the corrections, even in the cases of multi-hop transactions and when multiple token types are involved.

As SafeMoon works to raise the bar for this industry sector, the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor is an example of support that can update older tokens to newer tokenomics rules on the fly, to benefit their fluid and accurate movement.

Does the Tokenomics Supervisor work for all non flat-fee tokens?

For any already-released tokens unable to take advantage of a proxy contract or can’t be updated after being released onto the binnacle smart chain, the router system in the SafeMoon Decentralized Exchange collects and sends the missing fees and sends them onto the token contract owner’s designated wallet, allowing them to be distributed according to their declared values.

What this means

The SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor changes the decentralized exchange landscape to free up additional access for token partner listings; essentially expanding the availability of web 3 for more participants by making token inclusions more accessible to token liquidity providers, unlocking additional community potential to partner with meaningful projects.

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused and privately-held technology company headquartered in Utah with a secondary presence in the U.K. SafeMoon’s longer-term goal is the advancement of its Defi products and services into an ecosystem that makes the blockchain’s power available to a much broader community, and to include the power of a passionate community to support and advance new sustainable technologies. For more information, readers can visit



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