Sedai Announces Enhanced Serverless Remediation for AWS Lambda Using New AWS Telemetry API

AWS Lambda users using Sedai’s Autonomous Cloud Management Platform can achieve reduced error rates using insights from the new Telemetry API that offers enhanced insights at lower cost than traditional tracing approaches.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SRE–Sedai, the first autonomous cloud management company, today announced that it is an AWS launch partner for the new AWS Lambda Telemetry API. Sedai is using the Telemetry API to improve availability for Lambda users of Sedai’s autonomous cloud management platform by providing additional insights and signals on Lambda functions on a cost-effective basis.

Serverless users in many industries must achieve high availability and performance in order to meet customer experience expectations, especially in industries like ecommerce where a failed serverless invocation can directly lead to lost revenue, such as a lost customer payment.

“To meet high customer expectations for application availability, it’s critical to have insight into why errors are occurring. AWS’s new Telemetry API gives us the ability to drill deep on the cause of any errors, and ultimately help customers achieve superior performance and availability,” said Nikhil Gopinath, VP Engineering at Sedai.

This collaboration on the new AWS Telemetry API launch represents an additional element to the AWS / Sedai partnership and follows Sedai’s recent announcement that it had joined the AWS ISV Accelerate (ISV-A) program. “We are delighted to be a launch partner for the new AWS Telemetry API. We’re now collaborating with AWS on both Go to Market and Product Development areas to deliver more customer value,” said Suresh Mathew, Sedai Founder & CEO.

Sedai’s serverless platform using the Telemetry API is available now in all commercial AWS regions for x86-compatible serverless functions. Sign up at or request a demo at


Read more on Sedai’s blog here.

Read AWS’s Telemetry API launch blog here.

About Sedai

Sedai is an autonomous cloud management platform powered by AI/ML delivering continuous optimization for cloud operations teams to maximize cloud cost savings, performance and availability at scale. Sedai enables teams to shift from static rules and threshold-based automation to modern ML-based autonomous operations. Using Sedai, organizations can reduce cloud cost by up to 50%, improve performance by up to 75% and multiply SRE productivity by up to 6X. Sedai can perform work equivalent to a team of cloud engineers working behind the scenes to optimize resources and remediate issues, so organizations can focus on innovation.


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