VEREFA V60 Pro: The Game Changer is Coming

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The better auto-emptying robot vacuum is coming. Verefa has debuted its latest model V60 Pro.

Verefa, is short for a Latin phrase “Fovere familia”, literally meaning “comfortable home”. From the very beginning of its establishment, Verefa has been bearing the idea of “comfortable home” in mind, helping users with cleaner and more comfortable living spaces based on a craftman’s spirit.

Verefa has successfully developed a series of advanced products, including Spatial AI+, Laser SLAM, Gyro SLAM, and Auto Emptying tech, substantially influencing the industry and changing the lifestyle of household users.

Outstanding Features Summary of V60 Pro

The popular self-emptying robot vacuum with V60 Pro’s self-emptying system can offer a hand-free period up to 30 days for cleaning dirt and debris. V60 Pro boasts the 2nd generation smart navigation, ensuring a guided cleaning procedure by enhanced accuracy. The integrated cleaning power with 2700Pa suction can deliver the strongest cleaning capacity. Besides, V60 Pro is highly pet-owner-friendly, which shall make pet-owners feel more comfortable with a fur-free indoors space. Nevertheless, the pricing policy of VEREFA shall again shock the industry.

Another advantage which shall dramatically attract the potential users is that almost every regular function of V60 Pro could perform better than other similar robots seen in the market.

The Popular Self-emptying Robot Vacuum

V60 Pro proudly boasts the advanced smart navigator to facilitate the accuracy of indoors space navigation on an efficient basis. The complicated interior layouts and structures of living space are identified by multiple upgraded built-in components. A No-Go zone could also be pre-defined prior to any inconvenience. A virtual wall through a magnetic strip (optional function) can be set up to deliver such accurate performance. Integrated with Verefa Gyrosense and the Optical Path Sensor, and the built-in navigation program, V60 Pro can deliver the finest performance without losing its designated routes.

Larger Dust Bags

Users usually expect the robot to get the job done alone automatically. V60 Pro boasts comparably larger disposable dust bags, which provides the users with a 30 day liberation from the annoying dust bag clearance.

Pet-fur Cleaning Function

The considerate fur-cleaning function of V60 Pro shall be deemed a merit point for users who are also pet-owners. With the assistance of V60 Pro, the annoying pet fur shall never bother the users any more. The powerful suction up to 2700Pa will entirely tidy the carpet on a zero-tolerance of fur basis.


The practical noise of V60 Pro in operation is greatly suppressed, down to 60 dB, which is definitely stunning for a robot vacuum that can deliver such performance. The Do-not-disturb mode during bedtime is also highly user-friendly. In a word, V60 Pro is good at finalizing the defined jobs quietly.

Easy-to-Use Verefa App

By using the user-friendly Verefa Life app, users are able to completely control V60 Pro in a light-mode manner. Users could also utilize the real-time monitoring function to ensure a smooth cleaning procedure. As for household cleansing, customized functions are very practical for users who are in various needs. The app supports virtual remote control mode, through which the user can control suction power, cleaning path and direction to perform the specific cleaning tasks by a couple of simple clicks on the smartphone or pad.

Higher Performance, Lower Price

Compared to other peers, V60 Pro merely cost the consumers USD 349 to finalize the majority of cleaning jobs that a household may tackle with. Higher performance with lower price. It is not difficult to conclude such an outstanding feature when it comes to the comparability analysis in the same marketplace.

Order the V60 Pro today on Verefa Offical Store or Amazon Store.



Bennvi Yi

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