ASLEEP to Unveil Largest Sleep Tech Booth at CES 2023, Showcasing the First Human-Centric Sleep AI & IoT Ecosystem


LAS VEGAS, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AISaaSASLEEP, a sleep technology company, announced that it will unveil the blueprint for an individually tailored sleep ecosystem based on its unrivaled AI-based sleep tracking technology at the CES 2023.

Through AI technology that tracks sleep stages through breathing sounds during sleep, ASLEEP provides extensive sleep-related services. ASLEEP’s technology can detect sleep stages in any environment using only microphone-equipped devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, or speakers.

ASLEEP’s sleep detection technology reports the highest accuracy without wearing wearable devices such as smartwatches. It can detect REM sleep, non-REM sleep, and wake state on average 15% more accurately than industry-leading smartwatches.

ASLEEP’s technology has been recognized as a solution optimized for a real environment. It works in various environments, including home environments, and performs well regardless of age, sex, and gender. In addition, ASLEEP has published a novel method of detecting sleep stage and sleep-related respiratory events in real-time in various academic journals.

ASLEEP’s unrivaled accuracy and innovativeness are acknowledged at CES 2023. ASLEEP is expected to lead the SleepTech ecosystem as it seized the largest booth amongst SleepTech companies within three years of its establishment.

ASLEEP will showcase Sleeptrack API, the aggregate of ASLEEP’s proprietary technology, and present a new sleep environment in collaboration with various IT and home appliances companies at CES 2023.

Sleeptrack API can measure sleep quality and link this information to products and services from other companies, and create a sustainable service that improves customers’ sleep quality. ASLEEP will introduce products that combine beauty and health by tackling futuristic sleep environment establishment and lifestyle improvement in collaboration with Amorepacific and global IT companies.

Dongheon Lee, ASLEEP CEO, stated, “Dream your Next Business with ASLEEP. ASLEEP focuses on not only directly applying our technology, like our collaboration with global IT companies, but we also help other companies indirectly related to the sleep market to dive into the market using our advanced technology.”

While ASLEEP has been making full-fledged advances in the global market, Clete A. Kushida, Professor and Director of the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research, will join ASLEEP in the CES showcase.

ASLEEP plans to begin collaborative research with Stanford University Sleep Center to prove its robust performance across different ethnic groups.



Don Jung

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