Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Announces the Enterprise Version of Its Secure, Enterprise Data-at-Rest Hypnos Solution

SCOTTSVILLE, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#PQC–Castle Shield Holdings, LLC., announces the Enterprise version of its Hypnos secure data-at-rest solution. As previously announced in May of 2021, Hypnos secures unstructured data stored for both short and long-term use including files on servers, cloud storage drives, backup tapes, and other files in folders intended for general use. The Hypnos Enterprise version allows multiple members of the organization to encrypt, and decrypt data kept on shared, network drives. Hypnos ensures that all individuals working with protected data on shared drives know who originally encrypted the data and who currently has files decrypted for updates. In addition, Hypnos Enterprise allows for permissioning down to the department level and provides unique encryption keys that ensure that only company members can decrypt their files. Hypnos provides a “chain of custody” for document compliance.

The key features of Hypnos Enterprise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Shared “WatchList” Capabilities: Hypnos users can add folders to a WatchList. Files added to folders on the WatchList are automatically encrypted by Hypnos so that they are always protected. Hypnos Enterprise allows multiple users to “watch” the same folder on shared or network drives. Hypnos identifies users currently watching the same folder and ensures that each user knows the status of encrypted files in these folders. Files decrypted in folders on the WatchList are automatically re-encrypted within a predetermined period selected by the user or department.
  • Company-Unique Encryption Keys: Companies are assigned unique encryption keys so that their data can only be accessed by members of their company.
  • Department-Unique Encryption Keys: In addition, if companies want only members of specific departments to access information (e.g., members of the Finance, HR, or Sales), Hypnos provides this capability as well. Companies may still manage access to folders and files using Active Directory if they do not want to leverage Hypnos to do so.
  • File Status Screen: Hypnos Enterprise has a Status screen that lets users track all changes made to protected files.

“Commonly, data-at-rest is stored and usually protected by a firewall and anti-virus software. Data-at-rest is often more enticing to hackers and malicious internal individuals because the volume of information they can steal is often higher than data packets in transit. This is where leveraging Hypnos Enterprise to encrypt data-at-rest plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive, private, and confidential data,” said Dr. Milton Mattox, Chief Technology Officer at Castle Shield.

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