CyrusOne Accelerates Carbon Neutral Pledge to 2030

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CyrusOne, a leading global data center developer and operator specializing in state-of-the-art digital infrastructure solutions, today announced to accelerate its pledge to become climate neutral by 2030, moving up its previous 2040 commitment by a decade.

To achieve this milestone, CyrusOne will continue to improve the energy efficiency of its new and existing data centers, procure renewable electricity at an accelerated rate to power the facilities, and investigate zero-carbon alternatives to traditional diesel backup generators. These efforts build upon the progress CyrusOne has already made, including achieving 100% renewable electricity across its full European portfolio starting in 2021.

“Our customers’ commitments to reduce their carbon footprints has inspired us to quicken our efforts,” said Kyle Myers, Vice President of Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability at CyrusOne. “It is becoming more and more evident that our previous target of climate neutral by 2040 was ambitious for its time, but is no longer ambitious enough. We not only plan to reach carbon neutrality by the end of this decade, but to do so while decreasing our water consumption in vulnerable regions.”

CyrusOne strives for excellence in sustainability and continuous improvement, forging our goal to drive innovation in this space for the good of our customers and our planet. For more information on CyrusOne’s sustainability efforts, see their 2022 Sustainability Report.

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About CyrusOne

CyrusOne is a leading global data center developer and operator specializing in delivering state-of-the-art digital infrastructure solutions across the globe. With more than 50 high-performance mission-critical facilities worldwide, the Company ensures the continued operation of digital infrastructure for nearly 1,000 customers, including approximately 200 Fortune 1000 companies.

CyrusOne’s leading global platform of hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments offers customers colocation, hyperscale, and build-to-suit environments, which help enhance the strategic connections of their essential data infrastructures and support the achievement of sustainability goals. CyrusOne data centers offer world-class flexibility, enabling clients to modernize, simplify, and rapidly respond to changing demands. Combining exceptional financial strength, a broad global footprint, and continued investment in key digital gateway markets, CyrusOne provides the world’s largest companies with long-term stability and strategic advantage at scale. For more information, please visit


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