Dasera’s Wind Cave Release Enhances Risk Detection and Accelerates Onboarding at Scale for Data Governance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dasera, the leader in helping organizations operationalize their data governance and data security programs, announced its newest Wind Cave 6.0 release. With this version, Dasera pinpoints configuration, data, and user risk faster and more accurately while providing visualizations of risk that empower teams to act on insights. The Wind Cave release also enables rapid onboarding of data stores at scale to get teams to value faster. In short, Wind Cave enables improved visibility of risk while accelerating data store onboarding leading to safer and more cost-effective organizations.

“Companies struggle with the lack of visibility across their data silos and lack of awareness of user activity resulting in unresolved risk,” said Ani Chaudhuri, CEO. “The Wind Cave release enables customers to onboard at scale, automate risk detection, and automate remediation, so that they can operationalize their data governance with greater speed and thus save cost and reduce risk.”

Finance, banking, insurance, and consumer e-commerce companies are expected to benefit from the Wind Cave release with improved payment card industry (PCI) data classification and tagging capabilities. These improved capabilities provide greater visibility into how sensitive data is handled and where it is stored, enabling security and privacy teams to better protect PCI data.

In addition to expanded classification capabilities, Dasera now has the ability to run data processing across distinct private clouds with unique enterprise security restrictions thus providing a single pane of glass view of their company’s entire data governance operations.

“Customers have really strict security and privacy policies when they adopt new SaaS technologies,” said Deepti Hemwani, Head of Product. “Our newest features further allow us to meet the customer where they are and provide them with data governance capabilities that not only complies with their security requirements but also provides them a consolidated view across their distinct cloud data environments.”

Dasera is also enhancing its data store discovery and data store onboarding capabilities. Customers will be able to onboard data stores at scale and see misconfigurations even before connecting data stores.

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