Nomitri Selects Verimatrix XTD to Protect Innovative Cashierless Checkout for Cart-Mounted Smartphones

Unique smartcart and checkout AI technologies reinforced with self-defending cybersecurity technologies that provide multiple layers of defense and detection of security blind spots


Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris: VMX) (Paris:VMX), the leader in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security, today announced that Berlin, Germany-based AI software company Nomitri, selected Verimatrix XTD technologies, among others, to protect its embedded visual AI technologies used by brick and mortar retail shoppers.

Nomitri turns cutting-edge research in the field of embedded visual deep learning into innovative solutions for retail and quick commerce. Nomitri’s modular software stack can turn any camera into a smart camera. Their EmCart® enables retailers such as Edeka Lüning to offer their customers a frictionless shopping experience including self-checkout, fraud-prevention and data insights. Nomitri’s smart Pick&Pack solution leverages AI-enabled human-centered automation and improves operations in micro-fulfilment centers at minimal cost.

Implementing these technologies comes with threats for all parties involved. Convenience and efficiency can abound, but only with the ongoing confidence that all parties are protecting their innovative application code at important, foundational levels that prevent numerous types of cyberattacks seeking to cause interruptions or gain customer or company information.

“Bringing some of the foremost advancements in business enablement technologies to retailers and quick commerce players, we know that security is an important topic for our business,” said Trinh Le Fiedler, Co-Founder and CEO at Nomitri. “We’re pleased to work together with Verimatrix XTD technologies on security.”

“It’s clear that the world’s foremost technology innovators are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on the foundational safety of their technologies as well as the security of associated customer and company information,” said Juha Högmander, vice president, cybersecurity business at Verimatrix. “By offering a cost-effective, zero-code approach to deploying robust protections that prevent and remove potential cybersecurity blind spots, we’re proud to stand alongside our customers as an unwavering force for ongoing peace of mind that is appreciated by all stakeholders.”

About Nomitri

Nomitri is an AI software company from Berlin on a mission to use cutting-edge technology in AI to enable human-centered automation in retail and logistics. Nomitri’s smartphone-based vision AI software stack enables retailers to offer their customers a frictionless shopping experience including self-checkout, fraud-prevention and data insights and quick commerce players to significantly improve their operations and reduce human errors. Visit:

About Verimatrix

Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX) helps power the modern connected world with security made for people. We protect digital content, applications, and devices with intuitive, people-centered and frictionless security. Leading brands turn to Verimatrix to secure everything from premium movies and live streaming sports, to sensitive financial and healthcare data, to mission-critical mobile applications. We enable the trusted connections our customers depend on to deliver compelling content and experiences to millions of consumers around the world. Verimatrix helps partners get to market faster, scale easily, protect valuable revenue streams, and win new business. Visit:


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