OWC Announces the First Public Beta for MacDrive 11 Pro

WOODSTOCK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#crossplatformOWC®, a leading customer-focused creator of innovative solutions that have enabled individuals, businesses, content professionals, and educators to get maximum usefulness from their technology investment for over 30 years, announces the first public beta of MacDrive 11 Pro for Windows, software that enables read and write access of Mac-formatted disks in Windows.

The all-new version of MacDrive has been updated from top to bottom, featuring a new look, and for the first time, full APFS support for Windows.

The OWC Windows software team has developed the most complete implementation of APFS support in Windows including full read and write support for APFS, HFS+ and HFS disks, as well as APFS-specific features like crash protection, snapshot mounting, and APFS formatting.

This is the most complete support of APFS you will find for Windows.

New APFS Features

  • Full read and write support for APFS disks
  • APFS crash protection
  • Support multi-volume APFS disks
  • Mount any snapshot on APFS volumes
  • APFS formatting
  • Read and write files that are included in snapshots

MacDrive 11 Pro is the most powerful, most complete, most trusted solution for accessing Mac disks in Windows. No other single software offers full access and management of APFS, HFS+, and HFS disks.

By joining the public beta, you can help shape MacDrive 11 Pro by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think. The feedback provided will help our QA teams locate potential issues and make the final product even better.

We encourage you to try the MacDrive 11 Pro Public Beta. Visit MacDrive.com to sign up for the beta.

About OWC

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