Palo Alto IV Ketamine Depression Therapy Launched By Soft Reboot Wellness

Soft Reboot Wellness (650-419-0348), an IV ketamine therapy center catering to patients in Palo Alto and the broader San Francisco Bay Area, has launched its updated ketamine therapy as an alternate treatment for depression.

Menlo Park, California–(Newsfile Corp. – December 13, 2022) – Soft Reboot Wellness’ expanded ketamine therapy is offered in response to growing calls for more effective approaches to major depressive disorder. Led by board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Sara Herman MD, Soft Reboot Wellness utilizes the scientific basis behind ketamine’s promise as a tool or catalyst to help heal from depression.

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Palo Alto IV Ketamine Depression Therapy Launched By Soft Reboot Wellness

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As Soft Reboot Wellness points out, traditional SNRI/SSRI antidepressants can have several side effects, including weight gain, emotional blunting, sexual dysfunction, and fatigue. The clinic’s updated ketamine treatment comes in response to renewed demand for therapeutic approaches that are faster-acting and less likely to cause the same side effects as traditional antidepressants.

Soft Reboot Wellness emphasizes that it’s essential to take intentional steps after ketamine therapy to digest, embody, and apply the insights and discoveries from inner exploration. Consistent, ongoing follow-up with a primary doctor and/or mental health provider during and after ketamine therapy is paramount to successful treatment and creates the best chances for long-term recovery.

Research suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy can extend the antidepressant effects of the treatment, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance infusions needed.

Soft Reboot Wellness wants to help more patients leverage the advantages of ketamine therapy in light of the growing prevalence of depression across the US. The COVID States Project recently surveyed 22,000 people from across the country and found that 49% of respondents were reporting symptoms of depression. Over 1 in 4 (26%) had symptoms that would usually require treatment in a clinical setting.

The clinic explains that the medications often prescribed can take several weeks or months to take full effect. Soft Reboot Wellness asserts that this, in combination with the previously mentioned side effects, can lead many to discontinue their treatment, greatly reducing its long-term efficacy.

Referring to several clinical trials, the center states that its ketamine therapy can reduce symptoms of depression in as little as 24 hours. The same trials demonstrated that many patients continue to experience improvements for up to two weeks after treatment, indicating that the approach also has a longer-lasting effect.

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On its website, Soft Reboot Wellness also offers some background information on the different forms of ketamine treatment currently being offered. While some approaches are standardized or weight-based dosing protocols, Soft Reboot uses IV ketamine to control the dose more precisely to each patient’s needs. All therapies are administered by Dr. Sara Herman MD, a Harvard-trained board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist, or her colleague, Dr. Natasha Carey, a UCSF-trained board-certified anesthesiologist.

Soft Reboot Wellness states, “With over 14 years of experience administering ketamine in operating rooms, Dr. Sara deeply understands the nuance of personalizing IV therapies safely. IV ketamine can reboot your mind and unlock access to different stories: stories of empowerment, wholeness, and healing.”

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Contact Info:
Name: Sara Herman
Organization: Soft Reboot Wellness
Address: 825 Oak Grove Ave # A101, Menlo Park, California 94025, United States
Phone: +1-650-419-3330

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