Scale Biosciences (ScaleBio) Introduces New Disruptive Single-Cell Profiling and Analysis Solutions, Sets New Standards

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scale Biosciences, Inc. (ScaleBio), a pioneer in single-cell sequencing and combinatorial indexing technologies, has transitioned from research and development to commercial stage with the release of its first generation single-cell transcriptomics scRNAseq profiling and analysis solution, establishing new standards for accessible, scalable, and low-cost single-cell sequencing.

ScaleBio’s scRNAseq solution, built upon the Company’s patented and disruptive combinatorial indexing technology, enables the indexing of up to 96 samples and hundreds of thousands of cells in a single experiment at a fraction of the cost of on-market single-cell systems. The scRNAseq solution supports the profiling of cell lines, PBMCs and nuclei (disassociated from tissue) sample types, and includes a fixation kit for the fixation, storage, and transport of samples. The scRNAseq solution is accessible and easy-to-adopt, not requiring expensive instrumentation, is scalable and robust to support larger and more complex single-cell studies, and generates high-quality data for biological insights.

“ScaleBio’s mission is to enable researchers across a broad range of fields of study and single-cell applications to unlock the potential of single-cell sequencing at scale and discover complex biology at single-cell resolution,” said Sean P. Scott, founding CEO of ScaleBio. “To achieve this mission, we developed our technology to be accessible, scalable, robust, and cost-effective, eliminating many of the single-cell technology adoption barriers that exist today constraining the potential for these technologies.”

Garry Nolan, Ph.D., co-founder of ScaleBio and inventor of combinatorial indexing technologies and methods in single cells, first demonstrated the potential for using the cell as a compartment and reaction vessel to free researchers from inaccessible, inefficient, and expensive closed proprietary instruments. Nolan saw the potential for his invention across a broad range of research and clinical applications where researchers needed to profile cells at scale to understand complex biology, discover and develop new treatments, and enable precision medicine.

“It has long been my mission to design supportive technologies that enable researchers to conduct deep profiling and analysis of cellular systems,” said Nolan. “For this reason, ScaleBio is developing our combinatorial indexing technology to support the single-cell profiling of protein, mRNA, DNA – essentially any cellular constituent that can be tagged.”

ScaleBio’s technology has been demonstrated to support the profiling and analysis of the human transcriptome, genome, epigenome, and proteome. ScaleBio is further developing its technology to enable the analysis of hundreds of samples and millions of cells within a single experiment, which is beyond the current capabilities of on-market single-cell systems and researchers’ available budgets.

According to Scott, single-cell sequencing is in its early and formative stages and the true potential of the technology has yet to be realized. Most of the single-cell experiments conducted to date have been relatively small scale and for basic research and publication purposes given the barriers to adoption. Scott believes that a deeper understanding of complex biology at scale and single-cell resolution will accelerate discovery and may lead to the identification of new precision medicine opportunities.

About ScaleBio

ScaleBio is a single-cell sequencing solutions company founded by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and technologists, including Garry Nolan, Jay Shendure, Cole Trapnell, Frank Steemers, and Sean Scott, who bring combined expertise in next-generation sequencing, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, and share a common mission for unlocking the potential of single-cell analysis at scale by eliminating barriers to discovery. ScaleBio is financed by leading life sciences tools investors ARCH Venture Partners, BNG and Tao Capital.

ScaleBio has R&D facilities in San Diego and Menlo Park, CA. ScaleBio will attend the upcoming JPM and AGBT meetings and is available for meetings with prospective collaborators, partners, and customers.

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