Sigma Computing Announces Live Editing for Collaborative Analytics

New feature enables real-time collaboration across teams with live data in the warehouse

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sigma Computing (“Sigma”), the fast, intuitive-to-use alternative to traditional business intelligence (BI), today launched Live Edit, an industry-first feature that allows users to build and analyze data together at the same time.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the future of analytics—we’re building a tool for how people work—rather than forcing them to work around artificial limits,” said Mike Palmer, CEO of Sigma Computing. “Our Live Editing customers are seeing over 90% adoption rate by their users because our spreadsheet interface is accessible and intuitive for most business professionals. Live Editing adds incredible value by enabling those users to work simultaneously in a Sigma Workbook at the same time, backed with power of all the data in the data warehouse.”

Analytics has always been collaborative and cross-functional, but to date the category has only been collaborative asynchronously, and often just with data teams. Prior to being able to analyze data and prepare reports themselves, business users had to rely on data teams to prepare data, and then review and refine in a back-and-forth process—a process that would take days or weeks to resolve even the simplest questions.

Sigma Computing solves this problem with Live Editing by allowing users to explore, build, and iterate together directly and in real-time with the freshest data available. Now, instead of having to wait on data teams to share limited, static data and deal with the constant back-and-forth to draft and finalize reports, collaborators can communicate, coordinate, and even storytell together at the same time. Sigma’s Live Editing feature enables decisions to be made by decision makers working directly in the data sets, whenever, wherever, and collaboratively with whomever.

Sigma’s new Live Edit feature is the only collaboration feature of its kind for data analytics linked directly to an organization’s data warehouse. With enterprise-grade scalability, security, and integrations with the ease of use of Google Sheets, there is nothing else like it on the market. Live Edit enables teams of up to 20 individuals to work simultaneously within Sigma Workbooks to explore data, build presentations, and more—all in real-time and in the cloud. Combined with Sigma’s built-in version history, Live Edit lets users see what was changed and who made changes without the security risks or version control issues that stem from the legacy practices of working with extracted data and decentralized file sharing.

Sigma customers including Migo, a cloud-based, embedded lending platform that supports B2C merchants in emerging markets, have already seen impressive results with early access to Live Edit enhancing their teams’ capabilities for delivering deeper data insights through collaboration.

Live Editing encourages a deeper understanding of our teammates’ analyses, as well as a heightened responsibility to challenge and reinforce those analyses. Collaboration improves all aspects of data fluency and inquiry in our organization,” said Joseph Bates, Senior Manager, Data Platform, at Migo.

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About Sigma Computing

Sigma is the only cloud analytics and business intelligence solution empowering business teams to break free from the confines of the dashboard, explore live data independently, and make better, faster decisions. The award-winning platform capitalizes on the power of cloud data warehouses to combine data sources and analyze billions of rows of data instantly via an intuitive, spreadsheet interface for data analysis – no coding required. Sigma automates workflows and balances data access with unparalleled data governance to make self-service data exploration available to everyone and safe for the first time.


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