Zayo Unveils Latest Series of Infrastructure Expansions with 22 New Long-Haul Dark Fiber, 400G, and Transpacific Subsea Routes

New routes provide high-bandwidth capabilities between key global markets for greater network diversity, capacity, and future-readiness

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., a leading global communications infrastructure platform, today announced a series of expansions to its independent fiber network infrastructure, including continued growth in its long-haul capacity with three new and overbuilt dark fiber routes, 18 new 400 Gbps (400G) enabled routes, and a newly completed Transpacific subsea route connecting the U.S. and Tokyo.

“Zayo is committed to supporting the needs of our customers, not only for today, but for the innovations of tomorrow,” said Bill Long, chief product officer at Zayo. “Zayo is one of the only national providers actively pursuing new fiber builds, which have been enabled through our extensive existing infrastructure footprint, expertise within our teams, and the agile business structure Zayo has worked to build over the last 15 years. The continued expansion of our dark fiber and wave routes provides our customers with the customization and scaling ability they need to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

Continued Investment and Growth in Long-Haul Capacity

Zayo’s new long-haul dark fiber routes help connect enterprises and their customers to significant markets across the globe with high-bandwidth dedicated infrastructure. Zayo’s two new dark fiber routes include:

  • Cleveland to Columbus: This newly completed route is more direct than other available routes and provides new diversity from existing routes, giving Zayo customers an alternative routing option into Columbus, a growing data center and webscale market.
  • St. Louis to Indianapolis: This route provides the lowest latency and most direct path compared to other providers in the market, and gives Zayo customers an alternative route option to avoid Chicago when connecting East to West markets. The route is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

In addition to the new dark fiber routes, Zayo has overbuilt the following route with new fiber capacity:

  • Las Vegas to Phoenix: This low latency route will provide Zayo customers with ample fiber capacity, which is scarce along this route. In 2023, Zayo is set to enable this route with 400G capabilities using the overbuilt fiber.

The new long-haul dark fiber routes provide customers with diverse routing options and the ability to customize and enhance their network to meet the unique needs of their businesses while maximizing resiliency and ability to scale. These new routes are entirely underground, which provides the highest level of security and redundancy.

Leading the Industry in 400G

Zayo continues to lead the industry in 400G, adding 18 new 400G enabled routes in the second half of 2022 to provide high-bandwidth options between key cities, including:

  • Atlanta to Orlando
  • Chicago to Columbus (Direct)
  • Cleveland to Ashburn
  • Columbus to Ashburn (Direct)
  • Dallas to Houston
  • Dallas to San Antonio
  • Denver to Dallas
  • Ft. Wayne to Chicago (via Indianapolis)
  • Houston to San Antonio
  • Los Angeles to Dallas
  • Omaha to Dallas
  • Orlando to Miami
  • Portland to Bay Area
  • Portland to Boardman
  • Seattle to Minneapolis (Canada Route)
  • Salt Lake City to Denver (I-80)
  • Tampa to Orlando
  • Tucson to Nogales

The new 400G routes will allow customers to continue scaling their bandwidth with Zayo on existing routes, opening up high-capacity access on new routes, improving network stability and providing an overall better customer experience through quicker delivery and optimal routing. The enhanced capacity from these routes will support customers that have exponential growth needs driven by emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud adoption, IoT, AI, edge computing, and automation.

Further Investment in Transpacific Subsea

Zayo’s newest completed Transpacific subsea route connecting Hillsboro, Oregon, to Tokyo utilizing the TGN-P cable marks the third Transpacific route for Zayo, in addition to its existing capabilities on PC-1 and Unity. The route provides a diverse option to PC-1 for a Transpacific cable landing in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and also includes a diverse landing station in Tokyo. The route is available with pre-provisioned and pre-tested 10G Waves circuits and is managed by Zayo’s network operation center (NOC) for enhanced customer service.

This series of expansions from Zayo marks the latest in the company’s $250 million investment into its global infrastructure this year. Most recently, the company expanded its infrastructure and Tier 1 IP network into the key border cities of McAllen and Laredo, Texas, with two new 100G IP points of presence (PoPs) and 400G Wavelengths capabilities. In May, Zayo announced its largest organic network expansion to date. Celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year, Zayo’s footprint now spans 16 million fiber miles and 137,000 route miles.

In order to meet existing and anticipated customer demand, Zayo is working on additional network expansions and updates which are set for completion in 2023 and beyond.

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About Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. is the leading global communications infrastructure platform, delivering a range of solutions, including fiber & transport, packet and managed edge services. Zayo owns and operates a Tier 1 IP backbone spanning 137,000 miles across North America and Europe. By providing this mission-critical bandwidth to its category-leading customers across the wireless, hyperscale, media, tech and finance industries, Zayo is fueling the innovations that are transforming society. For more information, visit


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