Dione Protocol Secures Massive Funding and is Developing One of the Most Advanced Blockchains

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – January 15, 2023) – Dione protocol and its mission to democratize Green Energy has been described as a project powering the crypto revolution using renewable energy. The project has now announced that they are building a blockchain, a safe and secure wallet, and a cross-chain swap for seamless transactions between blockchains.

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Dione Protocol: A New Power in Charge

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Dione has so far accomplished every one of its milestones and may well achieve where many other popular projects have failed. Dione is one of Saturn’s moons, and it has more meaning than meets the eye.

Its purpose – from information gathered from its team members – is the achievement of its dedicated mission motivated by what the team calls an ‘About-Face,’ meaning “the mission that looks to accomplish what was once started.” Dione Protocol is on a mission to democratize green energy. In other words, looking to make renewable energy available to consumers, bridging the gap between the supplier and the consumer.

Despite being a new cryptocurrency, Dione has already delivered the ‘Dione Wallet’ live in the App Store and Google Play. They have also delivered the ‘Dione Decentralized Exchange’ well within the initially set timelines.

Dione’s next step is to deliver its Layer 1 blockchain powered by renewable energy. Comparatively, a Layer 1 blockchain is Ethereum, and currently, the market cap is $150,000,000,000 (150 Billion USD). Presently, the market cap of Dione Protocol is $3,000,000 (3 Million USD).

Dione Team

Dione Protocol has captured a great deal of attention, with the recent announcement revealing Ryan Arriaga and Jacob Smith as key team members. In addition, the team revealed another member, Brandon Kokoski, as the project advisor.

Funding Secured

“Funding for Dione Blockchain is secured. It’s go time,” said the Head of Blockchain Development for Dione Protocol, Ryan Arriaga. This is a major statement, as estimates describe the cost of building Blockchains running well into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars (USD).

Very few cryptocurrency projects see worldwide attention, especially during a bear market as is currently experiencing, but Dione Protocol is defying all expectations and continues to deliver time and again.

Ryan Arriaga is Head of Blockchain for Dione Protocol.

A couple of reasons why there has been a massive attraction from crypto-twitter (CT), building into the thriving community known as “Dionists” are:

  • Experienced leadership – One of the most important factors why Dione Protocol has managed to capture the interest of the enthusiasts is the experienced leadership behind the project.

  • Teamwork – There are effective communication channels between the various teams behind Dione, thus helping execute tasks and eliminate bugs faster.

  • User-oriented policies – Every decision at Dione is taken considering its effects on the end user, all thanks to the team, and the idea has been successful in the past.

  • Clear objectives – Clarity with respect to objectives is essential and a vital requirement at Dione, thus helping the project achieve every one of its goals.

Ryan Arriaga – Head of Blockchain

Ryan is a passionate entrepreneur with three previously acquired tech companies and over 8 product lines launched in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) under his leadership. As an executor, Ryan served previously as Global Head of Products, launching a wallet from start to finish and serving as CEO for Reflex Finance whilst launching over 5 DeFi centered implementations in under 6 months.

Jacob Smith – Head of Web Development

A backend and frontend Senior Website Developer for the past eight years, his passion currently is NextJS/NodeJS, with knowledge of PHP as well. Jacob worked as a Lead Website Developer.

Brandon Kokoski – Project Advisor

Brandon has been in the DeFi space for over 2 years as a competent investor/advisor and has tallied up a lot of exposure to business relations, community building, and crypto-specific marketing strategy. Prior to cryptocurrency, Brandon accrued five years of business experience in the marketing and e-commerce industry. He volunteered in the Emergency Services industry, stemming from a passion for helping people find their best selves.

The CEO, Head of Nebra, Head of Energy, Legal Team, and Senior Development Consultant are yet to be revealed, sparking many questions and speculations as to who else is behind Dione; a project with the most potential seen throughout this past year and a slow trickle of exciting releases.

What to look for in the upcoming quarters

The delivery of the blockchain will be broken down into two phases: Blockchain V1 and Blockchain V2. The Dione team has reported that sometime in 2023, V1 of their Layer 1 blockchain will be delivered and launched. This delivery will be broken down into 2 additional phases, what Dione Protocol calls Orbit 3 and Orbit 4. These phases have yet to be released and present an opportunity that has not been witnessed in years.

Any new project in this space lives or dies through its willingness to collaborate and facilitate delivery. This is emerging as a key difference between the short-lived ‘hype-coins’ versus the projects with real utility, and Dione is a prime example of the latter. Tracking timelines from their launch, Dione has proven to be punctual at each milestone. Tracking who supports Dione through social media, Dione has proven to be a fan favorite. Checking in on their community via Twitter and Telegram, Dione has a passionate community of “Zionists” that has displayed perseverance, commitment, and support. The past development, execution, and planned delivery of a V1 Layer 1 blockchain powered by renewable energy are the reasons experts believe Dione is on the path to success.


Media Contact:

Contact name: Brandon Kokoski
Company: Dione Protocol LLC
Email: marketing@dioneprotocol.com
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Website: https://www.dioneprotocol.com/

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