Eccentric Engine Launches First Ever Virtual Retail Cloud at NADA 2023

DALLAS, TX, Jan 26, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Eccentric Engine (Eccentric Inc.), a digital auto retail experience platform company and home to top automotive brands in India in their digital transformation journey, has now set eyes on a truly global footprint. They are now gearing to deliver their flagship offering, ‘Virtual Retail Cloud’ in January to U.S. dealerships.

Escalade-Sport at Cadillac Dublin Virtual Showroom
Varun Shah, CEO & CO Founder Eccentric Inc
Jessie Dosanjh, Dublin Cadillac
Joe Castelino, Stevens Creek Volkswagen

Eccentric Engine is now registered as Eccentric Inc. in the U.S. (Eccentric Engine in India) and plans deep investment in industry agnostic virtual tools, which are being deployed for the U.S. automotive retail market this month. The first showcase of their new metaverse tech will be at the North American Dealer Association (NADA) conference for top dealers and auto OEMs from January 26-29 in Dallas.

Varun Shah, Co-Founder and CEO Eccentric Engine said, “We are excited about the growth path of Eccentric Engine and transforming the company to become a global player. We look forward to extending the best of virtual retailing to our OEM & Dealer partners across the world. By virtue of Virtual Retail Cloud, we welcome new car dealers across North America to adopt a scalable and cutting-edge retail experience.”

The U.S. market is experiencing a sea of concepts in automotive retail metaverse, of which, several concepts were featured at the 2023 CES in Las Vegas, NV, USA earlier in the month. At the 2023 NADA Show, Eccentric Inc. will demonstrate ready-to-use solutions on how virtual retailing, which encompasses 3D & AR-VR, can actually be deployed at scale for North American dealerships.

Shah added, “Over the past year, I met a diverse group of global dealers, spent time onsite to understand global dealership models, customer expectations and the gaps that existed. The dealers had a broken experiences, and wished to provide their buyers one-stop solution to their prospects to enable a faster and intelligent purchase decision. Unlike other technology companies, we have honed the expertise to deploy and measure at scale.”

Eccentric Inc. has signed up two new customers in the Bay Area, Stevens Creek VW (American Motors Group) and Dublin Cadillac (California Automotive Retailing Group). The 3D platform will allow dealerships to design unique virtual retail interfaces to help buyers explore cars in an immersive experience and make an informed decision.

Joe Castelino, Fixed Operations Director, American Motors Group, owner Stevens Creek Volkswagen, remarked “Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, technology is a way of life for our customers. We are excited to partner with Eccentric Engine to offer an engaging and decisive retail journey for our customers. Their rich expertise in automotive digitalization spans a decade and we are looking forward to build together a transformative customer journey. The shift from multi-click, multi-page experience to a single seamless virtual interface, from 2D to 3D, is what excites us.”

Eccentric Engine reveals that their new virtual retailing cloud is an ecosystem and will need every ounce of intelligence, hard work and creativity. Eccentric Engine plans to leverage millions of interactions it registers on its platform to obtain unique customer insights and build several use cases. Here is a sneak peek into their international roadmap with the Virtual Retail Cloud services:

– Put together the right standards that will help dealers/OEMs develop and maintain experiences such as Loading Time, Device Performance and Latency know-how.
– Develop and build an exclusive 3D warehouse for quick deployment, reducing OEM dependency
– Equip OEMs & Dealerships with capabilities to create virtual experiences. An example of this is a no-code platform for any website partner to develop journeys in virtual retailing.
– Robust back-end analytics through Eccentric Inc.’s comprehensive engine that will offer deep insights on buyer preferences.
– Actively syndicate learnings from deployments across dealerships & OEMs around the world

Jessie Dosanjh, President, California Automotive Retailing Group, owner of Dublin Cadillac stated, “We pride ourselves in being a progressive & trusted group. Cadillac is a luxury brand and we are excited to bring to our customers, premium digital shopping experiences through our new partner Eccentric Inc. Thanks to their capabilities, our buyers will be more confident about their purchase. We look forward to having virtual retailing capabilities on our website & within our store premises.”

A McKinsey Automotive report estimates that more than 25% of the current US$ 3 trillion new cars market is set to go virtual by 2025 globally. By 2025 more than 100 million interactions will be powered by Eccentric Engine.

“The Virtual Retailing cloud ecosystem will be a game changer to empower buyers across the world. We are proud of our partnerships in USA, Japan, South Africa and Indonesia that is already enabling this” concluded Shah.

About Eccentric Engine

Founded in 2012, Eccentric Engine is a pioneer in Automotive Visualization, Retail and Ecommerce with suite of proprietary technology solutions such as One 3D platform, Experience Manager and Conceirge to delivers seamless omnichannel experiences. Their technology enables creators globally to ‘show better and sell faster’ on web browsers and empowers customers by allowing them to access products across all devices.

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