FutureProof Hires Serial Entrepreneur to Supercharge MGA Platform

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Climate-focused MGA FutureProof has hired Dr. Ram Keralapura as its new Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Keralapura brings nearly two decades of engineering, data science, and leadership experience to FutureProof. He was previously Chief Technology Officer at The Public Health Company, and before that was Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Chronicle (Google Cloud Enterprise Security). He has also played vital roles in several very early stage startups, helping them build scalable technology and businesses. Dr. Keralapura received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of California at Davis.

Dr. Keralapura brings deep expertise in cybersecurity, complex risk analysis, and building digital platforms. His expertise will help FutureProof translate its unique predictions for flood and hurricane wind losses into a digital underwriting platform that provides rapid quotes for homeowners insurance E&S policies. Dr. Keralapura will also draw from his experience in scaling early-stage startups to ensure that FutureProof’s algorithmic platform is highly scalable, resilient, reliable, and secure.

Dr. Keralapura says, “Climate risk is impacting nearly every industry in the world, especially the insurance sector. However, carriers and reinsurers today do not adequately account for the financial impact of climate disasters in their pricing and underwriting, resulting in dire consequences for themselves and for their customers. FutureProof will help carriers and reinsurers write profitable business in markets that otherwise appear undesirable. The world-class team at FutureProof was an instant magnet that I could not refuse.”

FutureProof co-founder and CEO Alisa Valderrama added, “The price signal for climate risk needs to originate with the property insurance industry. At the moment that signal is broken. With Ram joining us, we are pairing our world-class flood and hurricane wind pricing and our seasoned insurance team with an equally sophisticated algorithmic underwriting platform so that our partners can get quotes and manage capacity in near-real time. This sets FutureProof up as the generational insurance company the industry has been waiting for.”

About FutureProof: FutureProof is a venture-backed MGA funded by AXIS Digital Ventures and MS&AD Ventures. FutureProof’s AI-driven projections of asset-level losses from hurricane wind and flood are helping to power a new generation of insurance underwriting and pricing. FutureProof’s API delivers real-time algorithmic underwriting and pricing, providing instantly-bindable, price-differentiated quotes to wholesale brokers. FutureProof’s climate-smart insurance products will help close the coverage gap and motivate investment in climate adaptation.


Dave Wilson at dave@futureproof.am

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