Granulate Announces Red Hat OpenShift Certification

The company’s workload optimization solutions are now available to Red Hat OpenShift customers

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Granulate, an Intel Company and developer of autonomous, continuous workload optimization solutions, today announced certification for its real-time continuous performance optimization solution on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.

Granulate is now listed on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog and Red Hat Marketplace as a certified independent software vendor (ISV), running its optimization solutions on Red Hat OpenShift. Its container certification allows customers to more confidently adopt Granulate as a fully containerized software – portable, security enhanced, and easier to deploy in any compute environment.

Granulate is pioneering real-time continuous optimization in dynamic containerized or Kubernetes environments. Leveraging continuous adaptations, Granulate streamlines resource management, improving performance and reducing costs. Granulate is proven to reduce compute spending by up to 60% and can improve key performance metrics by up to 40%.

By joining Red Hat’s ecosystem, Granulate’s cloud optimization experts can now work with Red Hat customer organizations to optimize their workloads. Granulate has already demonstrated success in optimizing customer workloads on Red Hat OpenShift, helping them achieve significant gains in performance and reduced costs.

“Cloud customers today face overhead costs associated with running large-scale workloads that can be significant enough to impact business profitability. These organizations need more flexible support across their large-scale compute requirements,” said Andrew Diaz, Chief Strategy Officer at Granulate. “Granulate’s collaboration with Red Hat allows us to expand the benefits of our platform to more customers so they can harness automation and resource optimization to simplify and improve their container performance at scale.”

“Red Hat OpenShift is supported by a diverse and robust ecosystem of partners in order to offer customers a broad range of tested and certified solutions. We are pleased to collaborate with Granulate to certify its real-time continuous performance optimization solutions on Red Hat OpenShift to help customers further extend their workload capabilities across hybrid cloud environments.”

In addition to its Red Hat OpenShift certification, Granulate is also now Helm chart certified, so all day-one tasks are fully automated: deployment, installation, and basic configuration management.

Learn more about Granulate for Red Hat Openshift here, or check out their container image on the Container Catalog.

About Granulate

Granulate, an Intel company, is pioneering real-time continuous optimization of computing infrastructure for any environment. Granulate optimizes runtime resource management in dynamic containerized or Kubernetes environments, resulting in improved performance metrics and reduced compute costs for a range of use cases, including big data workloads. Its AI-driven solution is fully autonomous, optimizing workloads without requiring code changes to save time and resources for engineering and DevOps teams. As a result, Granulate empowers businesses to reduce infrastructure expenses by up to 63% and attain a 5X increase in throughput.

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Evan Neville

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