InMoment Launches New XI Platform Innovations–Advancing the Ability for Companies to Improve Customer Experience and Boost Business Performance

  •  Predictive AI text analytics model helps businesses identify what customers will do next to deepen the understanding of customer segments, regions, or markets
  • Text and visual signals surface what is impacting a CX metric to help teams prioritize action and areas of improvement throughout the customer journey
  • Human-assisted AI allows teams to train machine learning models to identify emergent and brand-specific themes
  • Reputation and review management features allow organizations to understand the competitive landscape and take immediate action to recover dissatisfied customers
  • Mobile App and microsurvey integration enables digital teams to focus on app product improvements to boost app store scores in an effort to make the app an invaluable part of the customer experience

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, announced today new and innovative capabilities to its award-winning XI Platform that enable organizations to deliver measurable business outcomes from customer experience (CX) initiatives.

“Today, it’s not good enough to just know what customers say about your brand or even to be able to understand what they think and feel. Companies looking to win the battle over customer experience will need to be able to predict how they will respond to products, services, or interactions in the future in order to prioritize initiatives that have the highest impact to the business,” said Sandeep Garg, Chief Product Officer at InMoment. “We continue to invest in integrated applications, sophisticated AI-powered technology, and predictive analytics to deliver an integrated CX solution that connects the needs of the customer and the business to facilitate the next generation of experiences.”

InMoment is announcing new XI Platform features to help organizations take a proactive approach to improving experiences that have a positive impact on business performance.

New enhancements include:

  • Intent Detection: Leveraging advanced AI, built on functionality acquired through Lexalytics, a predictive AI, text analytics model gives organizations the insight to identify what a customer intends to do next, whether that’s intent to repurchase or intent to churn. This informs actions that can be proactively applied across segments, experiences, and channels to increase positive business and customer impact.
  • Frontline Coaching and Prioritization: This CX metric-based AI text analytics model uses text and visual signals to identify at a glance the top five positive and negative impacts on business metrics (NPS, CSAT, OSAT, Sentiment scores) at the location level so businesses can prioritize high-impact areas for frontline improvement.
  • Impact Predictor: This powerful key driver analysis tool enables teams to run multiple predictive simulations on drivers of performance to determine the impact a project will have on a business. This helps identify which action plans will move the needle and have the biggest impact on the CX metric to enable informed prioritization and action.
  • Human-Assisted AI Tagging: Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU) this product enhancement enables teams to assist artificial intelligence by creating text tags that train machine learning models to identify emergent and brand-specific themes to immediately uncover and anticipate customer interests and needs.
  • Social and Reputation Management: Following the recent acquisition of ReviewTrackers, the XI application now supports SSO and API access to integrate social review data with Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback for a seamless side-by-side view of both structured and unstructured data. This feature helps organizations understand the competitive landscape, access proprietary industry benchmarks, and take immediate action to recover dissatisfied customers.
  • Digital and Mobile App Integration: This product enhancement gives organizations the ability to deliver native microsurveys in their mobile apps and view results alongside Google Play and Apple Store reviews in one seamless reporting experience to drive mobile app product improvements. It enables digital teams to focus on improvements that boost app store scores and make the app an invaluable part of the customer experience.

Additional product enhancements and updates include 41 additional self-serve and language-specific capabilities enabled to build and deploy surveys within the XI Platform. These additional language capabilities allow global organizations location specific intelligence for experience improvement initiatives.

The latest XI Platform features are available immediately. More information about the platform can be found here.

About InMoment

​​Improving experiences is why InMoment exists. Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together. The heart of what we do is connect our clients with what matters most through a unique combination of data, technology, and human expertise. With our hyper-modern technology platform, decades of domain authority, and global teams of experts, we uniquely deliver a focus on Experience Improvement (XI) to help our clients own the moments that matter. Take a moment and learn more at


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