Lauded Neurosurgeon, Researcher and Inventor Nicholas Theodore, MD Joins Harvard MedTech’s Medical Advisory Board

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nationally recognized neurosurgeon Nicholas Theodore, MS, MD, FAANS, FACS has accepted an invitation to join the Medical Advisory Board of Harvard MedTech, announced Gerry Stanley, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Harvard MedTech.

“Dr. Theodore is the Director of the Neurosurgical Spine Program at the most prestigious neurosurgical program in the country,” noted Dr. Stanley. “In addition to his surgical innovations and research endeavors, Dr. Theodore holds over 20 patents for medical devices and procedures. His background aligns perfectly with the mission of Harvard MedTech, which is to reduce human suffering by helping patients overcome both the physical and emotional effects of trauma.”

Harvard MedTech is a disruptive leader in developing new treatments that combine virtual reality technology, behavioral health coaching and AI algorithms to retrain neural pathways within the brain. Its proprietary Vx® Therapy platform is an evidence-based program that has been proven to reduce pain, anxiety, depression levels, and the dependence on pain medications. The modality enables patents to return to their normal activities of daily living sooner and with minimal disruption.

Dr. Theodore is the Donlin M. Long Professor and Professor of Neurosurgery & Orthopaedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He serves as Co-Director of the Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation and founder of the HEPIUS Laboratory. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins in 2016, Dr. Theodore held the positions of Chief of the Spine Section and Director of the Spine Fellowship at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. As an award-winning teacher, entrepreneur and researcher, Dr. Theodore has written or co-authored 60 book chapters and over 340 peer-reviewed journal articles as well as founding several companies, including Excelsius Surgical. He has been the recipient of two RO-1 grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health as well as a major awards from the Department of Defense and DARPA related to his work in spinal cord injury.

The purpose of the Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board is to facilitate industry-wide adoption of Vx® Therapy in the treatment of workplace trauma. Each member’s specific expertise lends a unique perspective on addressing pain management and the strategies to demonstrate the efficacy of the modality in treating injured or traumatized patients.

“I joined Harvard MedTech’s Medical Advisory Board because I believe there is great promise in Vx® Therapy’s approach for harnessing the power of the brain to help heal physical injuries,” Dr. Theodore stated. “Current research is already validating Vx® Therapy as a more cost-efficient treatment, and the nature of its delivery, which is in the home, makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere.”

About Harvard MedTech

Harvard MedTech is a breakthrough digital health company that is tapping the new science of how the brain works, combining specially designed virtual reality experiences, psychosocial support, digital engagement, and AI. The company’s Vx® Therapy model is the first to comprehensively integrate this unique combination of digital technologies with behavioral health interventions, in a virtual application that moves care on-demand and into the patient’s home. This virtual engagement drives high compliance, patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes. It also allows the solution to be affordable and scalable at a population health level. This non-invasive and non-pharmacological approach also provides data that is trackable for a clear assessment of its value to patients and health care providers. Visit for more information.


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