Lumenova AI Empowers Companies to Make Responsible AI a Part of Their DNA

The Los Angeles-based company streamlines and automates the complete Responsible AI lifecycle

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lumenova AI, the platform that automates the Responsible AI lifecycle, announced today that it has officially launched to enable organizations to understand deeply complex models and gain insights into what’s driving the AI decision-making process. With the company’s leading-edge technology, its clients can detect deep-rooted biases, optimize their models’ reliability and robustness, and build trust and transparency into their AI.

While most business leaders believe AI is their key to competitive advantage, many report it is still not used as widely as possible in 2023 — a decade into the AI revolution. Amongst the barriers, enterprises need help understanding their own deeply complex models, scaling their systems and reaching deployment. Responsible AI, a framework that helps organizations address ethical and legal challenges, explain how their AI works, and improve data integrity, security and resilience, as well as accuracy and validity around Artificial Intelligence, is part of the solution.

The company offers its customers the most complete Responsible AI solution. It provides for policy development to help prepare for regulations and internal requirements with its custom frameworks. It offers technical evaluation by opening the algorithmic “black box” to evaluate risks and quickly detect performance opportunities. It also provides monitoring and remediation to help assess and manage potential issues proactively.

This is not a one-time endeavor. Achieving a successful Responsible AI program is a journey and a complex process involving multiple steps and stakeholders. Lumenova AI’s platform, extended team of business consultants and ML engineers help customers navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape through end-to-end guidance and practical support.

“AI is on a path to be more and more prevalent in our society, and when it’s trusted fully by customers, stakeholders and citizens, take-up is likely to improve greatly,” said Brad Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, Lumenova AI. “We bridge the gap between the business objectives for AI and the technological components. We evaluate your AI from a technical perspective but make it understandable from a business perspective.”

Driving the new generation of Responsible AI

Lumenova AI is committed to delivering value through its state-of-the-art AI Trust Platform that enables businesses to make AI ethical, fair, transparent and accurate. With over 15 years of experience working with related technologies, such as data, machine learning and the cloud, and over three years of experience in Explainable AI, we pledge to be pioneers of change and help organizations make Responsible AI a key pillar of their ML strategy.

About Lumenova AI

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Lumenova AI empowers organizations to make AI ethical, transparent and compliant with new and emerging regulations and internal policies. As an end-to-end solution, Lumenova AI streamlines and automates the entire Responsible AI lifecycle, so enterprises can efficiently map, manage and mitigate AI risk, comply with regulations and maximize the inherent value.

Lumenova caters to a diverse group of stakeholders, including business leaders, IT leaders, and the risk and compliance community. It allows them to analyze and optimize model performance, increase robustness and promote predictive fairness across all dimensions of trust. Their extended team of technical experts and business consultants can also provide strategy and execution consulting for enterprises to design and deploy Responsible AI at scale.

See your AI in a new light with Lumenova AI. For more information, please visit or join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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