Outbound AI appoints Ryan Greenhaw as Chief Revenue Officer

The healthcare automation veteran will lead the Seattle-based startup’s sales and business development efforts.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For the past 15 years, Ryan Greenhaw has been immersed in automation solutions purpose-built for healthcare, and has helped numerous organizations improve operational, clinical and financial performance. In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer of Outbound AI, Greenhaw will guide go-to-market efforts to transform how the industry tackles administrative burdens, supporting the company’s core mission of elevating the human work experience in healthcare.

Ryan is the type of sales leader who prefers going from zero to 100. He has an extraordinary track record of selling first-generation productivity solutions to healthcare providers, and he recognizes how today’s AI technologies can deliver true impact, not only in revenue cycle management, but across many job functions in healthcare,” says Stead Burwell, Founder & CEO of Outbound AI.

Prior to joining Outbound AI, Greenhaw served in leadership positions at several pioneering companies in the revenue cycle management space, including WhiteSpace Health and Recondo Technology, the latter acquired by Waystar during his tenure.

Outbound AI’s Conversation AI solutions galvanize intelligent virtual agents to perform rote and routine tasks behind the scenes, accelerating data-driven communications and freeing healthcare workers to focus on more essential and strategic responsibilities.

We know how counterproductive it is to have billing teams spend hours every day calling insurers to check on the status of claims, with much of that time on hold,” says Burwell. “And that’s just one example. It’s even more problematic when you see nurses and physicians involved in tasks like prior authorizations, which can drag out over the course of several days and take big chunks of time away from patient care. AI-first software can perform a lot of this administrative work at a significantly greater pace and scale, and that’s what Outbound’s Conversation AI solutions are all about.”

Outbound AI’s inaugural offering, PayerVA™ Console, is live at multiple sites throughout the country. Uniquely qualified to perform current phone-based tasks associated with claims work, this first-of-its-kind Conversation AI solution is being met with interest from physician groups, hospitals, health systems and healthcare solution vendors alike.

People might be surprised to learn how much of revenue cycle management is still reliant on communications via phone and fax,” says Burwell. “The time for that to change is long past-due, and Outbound is paving the way with our Conversation AI platform built for healthcare. Ryan and his team will be instrumental in forging the relationships and creating the opportunities that allow our solutions to make a real difference.”

About Outbound AI

Outbound AI is Conversation AI built for healthcare. Founded in 2021, the Madrona Venture Labs spinout is breaking new ground with cloud technologies that streamline phone-based administrative work across a wide range of revenue cycle applications. Its AI-first solutions serve as workforce multipliers that drive productivity while improving the daily job experience for human talent. The company’s inaugural SaaS offering, PayerVA™ Console, includes a portfolio of intelligent virtual agents and out-of-the-box automations for claims processing. Outbound AI is led by a passionate team of health and voice tech veterans and backed by several preeminent venture capital firms renowned for success with emerging AI and cloud technologies. For more information, visit https://outbound.ai/.


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