Phenom Transforms Recruiter Efficiency with AI, Automation and Video

As employers combat hiring inefficiencies, recruiter shortages and challenging labor markets, Intelligent Talent Experience is making recruiters wildly productive, saving time and hiring faster

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RecruiterEfficiencyPhenom, the global leader in Intelligent Talent Experience, today revealed the significant recruiter productivity gains and transformative business impact experienced by customers that have adopted its AI, automation and video technology throughout the interview management process.

Between increasing talent demands, recruiter shortages, and uncertain economic and labor markets, every talent acquisition team’s ability to hire depends on improving efficiencies. Using disparate and disconnected point solutions only exacerbates the issue, compounding the already time-consuming tasks that contribute to poor experiences for candidates, recruiters, employees and hiring managers.

Global organizations that are leveraging intelligent automation within the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform — specifically Phenom Video Assessments and Phenom AI Scheduling — are streamlining recruiting tasks and workflows to increase productivity, accelerate time to fill, reduce cost per hire, and gain a competitive advantage at scale. The efficiency benefits are maximized when recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers utilize technologies that exist within a single, comprehensive platform such as Phenom that enables interoperability and seamlessly collects and transfers data throughout the interview management process.

Faster Candidate Screening with Video Assessments

A one-way video tool that allows talent acquisition and hiring teams to screen a larger pool of candidates faster, Phenom Video Assessments gives significant time back to all hiring stakeholders, while reducing time to screen and time to hire.

The impact of Video Assessments in less than a year:

  • A major supermarket chain completed more than 24,000 video assessments, saving over 4,000 hours for their recruiters.
  • A tech company completed more than 34,000 video assessments, saving over 5,000 recruiter hours.
  • A major bank completed more than 14,000 video assessments, saving nearly 2,500 recruiter hours.

“Our recruiters love the efficiency the tool provides — especially since it’s already integrated with all of their recruitment information and data,” said a Talent Acquisition leader at a multinational investment bank and financial services company. “In less than 30 minutes, recruiters can request video assessments from a sizable chunk of their applicant base, and more than half successfully complete and upload it.”

Faster Hiring with AI Scheduling

Automating the process of scheduling interviews, Phenom AI Scheduling saves substantial time and improves the experience for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and interview stakeholders. According to Phenom, half of customer interviews can be scheduled within one hour.

The impact of AI Scheduling in less than a year:

  • A major manufacturing company saved 11,000 hours, with 61% of interviews booked in an hour and another 33% within one day.
  • A major transportation company saved 22,350 hours, with 40% of interviews booked in an hour and 41% within one day.
  • A major bank saved 9,500 hours, with 50% of interviews booked in an hour and 36% scheduled within one day.

“With new efficiencies, our team is more productive than ever. We’ve increased our speed to hire by 76% and cut 65 days off the process,” said Bradley Cooper, Director of Information Technology, SASR Workforce Solutions.

Quantifying the Business Impact of Improved Efficiencies

The gains derived from Phenom’s AI, video, and automations are not only making recruiters wildly productive, they are generating a notable business impact. The recently published case study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Phenom, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience Platform,” quantified a 449% ROI over three years for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers using the Phenom platform, a major component of which was attributed to recruiter productivity benefits.

According to a global HR system manager at a logistics company that participated in the study, “Phenom saves a lot of time that recruiters previously spent scheduling initial screening interviews and also the subsequent interviews with hiring managers by automating much of that scheduling effort.”

“Improving recruiter productivity is a differentiator for companies that need to hire best-fit talent quickly — and before competitors,” said John Harrington, Director of Product Marketing at Phenom. “Having the right recruitment tools is only part of the equation. As a single platform, Phenom provides the integration and data flow needed for achieving true efficiency.”

More than 500 global and diverse companies use the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform to connect people, data and interactions to deliver phenomenal moments with maximum efficiency throughout the talent journey. With Phenom:

  • Candidates find and choose the right job faster
  • Employees develop their skills and evolve
  • Recruiters become wildly productive
  • Managers build stronger-performing teams
  • HR aligns employee development with company goals
  • HRIS teams create a holistic tech infrastructure

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About Phenom

Phenom has a purpose of helping a billion people find the right job. Through AI-powered talent experiences, employers are using Phenom to hire employees faster, develop them to their full potential, and retain them longer. The Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform seamlessly connects candidates, employees, recruiters, hiring managers, HR and HRIS — empowering over 500 diverse and global enterprises with innovative products including Phenom Career Site, Chatbot, CMS, CRM, AI Scheduling, Video Assessments, Campaigns, University Recruiting, Talent Marketplace, Career Pathing, Gigs, Mentoring, and Referrals.

Phenom has earned accolades including: Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies (3 consecutive years), Deloitte Technology’s Fast 500 (4 consecutive years), five Brandon Hall ‘Excellence in Technology’ awards including Gold for ‘Best Advance in AI for Business Impact,’ Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards (2021 & 2022), and a regional Timmy Award for launching and optimizing (2020).

Headquartered in Greater Philadelphia, Phenom also has offices in India, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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