QC Ally Appoints Nicole Booth as Chief Executive Officer to Support Long-Term QC Innovation and Growth Objectives

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QC Ally today announced that Nicole Booth is taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer after previously serving as Chief Marketing Officer for the company. With her extensive background in regulatory affairs, business strategy, and the mortgage industry, her unique skillset will help drive the fast-growing company’s core pillars of partnership, excellence, and quality.

Nicole joined QC Ally in July 2022 after previously leading efforts on digital closing acceptance as Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at Notarize and Vice President of Public Policy at Rocket Mortgage. “I’ve spent the past seven months diving head-first into understanding the importance and opportunity for innovation in loan quality certainty from the unique perspective of industry leaders, GSEs, and the QC Ally team,” said Nicole. “I am humbled to be surrounded by industry veterans that are collectively championing Enterprise Loan Quality. Heading into the new year, I look forward to leading QC Ally as we help our client partners realize true loan quality certainty.”

“I’m thrilled for Nicole in her new role as CEO of QC Ally. Having worked with her for years, I know Nicole will successfully lead the company,” said Marcia Davies, COO of Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and Founder of mPower. “I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with Nicole to move the real estate finance industry forward through active engagement on the MORPAC Steering Committee and within the mPower community.”

As Nicole transitions into her new role, Kristin Broadley, QC Ally’s Chief Innovation Officer, will take over the company’s marketing efforts. As a regular industry speaker, Kristin will continue using her platform to help weave the threads of innovation, product, and service to build QC Ally’s brand, create awareness, and drive thought leadership. In addition, Donna Gibson will continue to serve as Chief Operating Officer and President. “Over the past decade, we’ve provided an unmatched client partner experience. With the addition of sought-after industry leaders like Nicole and Kristin, I’m ecstatic to advance our tech-enabled service to help even more financial institutions gain lending clarity and certainty,” said Donna.

The company has also hired Melissa Peregord as their new Chief Growth Officer. Melissa comes to QC Ally with 25 years of experience successfully building relationships and growth strategies. She has spent over the last decade specifically in the mortgage industry in various roles, including within the Rocket Family of Companies. “One of our goals when we acquired QC Ally was to build an unmatched team of trailblazers that could take the company into the future,” said Michael Detwiler, mortgage industry veteran and IC partner. “With Nicole taking on her expanded role as CEO alongside the rest of the leadership team, including Donna, Kristin, Melissa, and CIO, Greg Crozier, I am confident we have found our Dream Team.”

“With the industry once again going through cyclical changes, lenders have a unique opportunity to refocus on what matters most – originating, securitizing and servicing loans through an improved process that lowers costs and enables increased access to homeownership,” said Faith Schwartz, founder and CEO of Housing Finance Strategies. “I am beyond excited for Nicole to lead an organization focused on Enterprise Loan Quality initiatives that are backed by tech-enabled, data driven audit services,” she concluded.

About QC Ally

QC Ally is your partner in tech-enabled enterprise loan quality and audit services. For over 20 years, the company has delivered accurate results to ensure regulatory and investor compliance while providing quality control services aligned with every client partner’s unique requirements. The company’s loan quality experts are accessible to client partners while leveraging a suite of services and world-class proprietary software, LQ Pro©, to provide a partnership-oriented experience that accelerates the mortgage manufacturing process. Together we achieve true enterprise quality throughout the lifecycle of the loan. Learn more at www.qcally.com


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