SafelyYou Launches SafelyYou Aware™ to Support and Transform Clinical Care at Senior Living Communities with Remote, Hourly Nighttime Wellness Checks

SafelyYou Aware augments community’s nighttime safety checks, enabling better staff support, elevated care and reduced risk

New product leverages innovative video technology and 24/7 remote team to reveal unprecedented data and insight into resident sleep patterns and disruptions

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every second of every day, more than 86,000 older Americans suffer a fall, with 65 percent of falls happening between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. At senior care communities, nighttime falls are nearly impossible to monitor, prevent and understand because caregivers don’t have constant insight into resident behavior and sleep disruptions. To deliver a clearer picture of resident risk during these vulnerable nighttime hours, SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered dementia care through real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts, today launched its newest product, SafelyYou Aware™.

Leveraging the clarity and insight of SafelyYou’s original, world-leading fall detection technology, SafelyYou Aware provides hourly video safety checks between the hours of 7:00 pm – 7:00 am, when the majority of falls occur. What’s more, SafelyYou Aware uncovers unprecedented new insights into sleep patterns and disruptions for senior living communities. In fact, SafelyYou video data shows that, on average, residents are awake or not in their rooms up to 30% of the night, which could affect many facets of their overall well-being and care. These valuable new insights provided by SafelyYou Aware and SafelyYou’s remote team will empower caregivers to target specific problems and create new interventions that transform clinical care in their communities.

How SafelyYou Aware Works

As part of SafelyYou Aware’s automated video safety checks, the SafelyYou remote team reviews one minute of video per hour to assess residents’ environments for risk, and if a safety issue is found – e.g., elopement attempts, toileting issues, potential altercations, or other unsafe behavior – SafelyYou escalates the cause for concern to the on-site care team using their preferred notification flow. The video can then be reviewed through SafelyYou Discover™, our secure web portal.

If no safety issue is found, the video is immediately discarded to maintain resident privacy. SafelyYou only documents observations in the room that can lead to better care planning, such as occupancy and resident status. These environmental factors can then be analyzed later to help communities predict and prevent safety issues before they occur. SafelyYou Aware also provides peace of mind for families who would like to have a personal attendant overnight or more frequent safety checks for their loved ones, but until now it has been cost prohibitive.

“Our senior living communities are faced with a number of nuanced challenges, which is why we created Aware–to provide them a clearer picture of risk and to offer greater support for increasing resident safety,” said George Netscher, CEO of SafelyYou. “Our recent State of Falls report revealed that 85% of senior care executives claim falls significantly impact staff turnover, and 1 in 7 senior living move-outs are related to a fall. With those alarming numbers, we have to find innovative solutions that help staff more effectively deliver a high quality of care to all residents. With SafelyYou Aware, caregivers will be better-informed so they can identify potential risks and take action to prevent falls and other adverse events before they happen.”

“At Cedarbrook Senior Living we are proud to embrace innovations in care and technology which help us identify ways to improve the safety and wellbeing of our residents,” said Erin Ottenbreit, Senior Vice President of Operations at Cedarbrook Senior Living. “Early adoption of new technology, like SafelyYou, is key to our ability to constantly evolve and elevate the services we provide. SafelyYou has enabled us to identify root causes for many resident falls, including physical and environmental risk factors, specific to each resident. As a result, we can implement individually tailored resident interventions to reduce the risk of fall related injuries.”

SafelyYou Aware works in tandem with the company’s flagship product, SafelyYou Respond™, which uses AI-enabled cameras to monitor and alert caregivers of fall events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communities with SafelyYou have seen transformative results: 80% fewer fall-related ER visits and 40% fewer falls.

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About SafelyYou

Originating in 2015 as the doctoral research of CEO George Netscher—and inspired by his own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease—SafelyYou was spun out of UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, one of the top five AI research groups in the world. The company’s passionate mission is to empower safer, more person-centered dementia care through world-leading, real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts. SafelyYou is used by skilled nursing and assisted living communities all across North America—from the largest national organizations to regional and local. SafelyYou is one of five most innovative fall technologies referenced in the Senate Falls Report (2019).

SafelyYou gives a voice to those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. Its AI-video technology, with world-leading accuracy, sees critical care moments in real-time, detecting 99.5% of on-the-ground events, with only one false alert sent to the on-site team per camera every two years. SafelyYou’s remote clinical experts have seen more falls and on-the-ground events than anyone in the world, enabling a level of predictive, person-centered dementia care that was never before possible. SafelyYou is solving a critical problem and making an impact by reducing falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by 80%. For more information, please visit or call 415-579-3630.

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