Segra Introduces Smart Wi-Fi™

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Segra announces the availability of Smart Wi-Fi™, a solution that transforms Wi-Fi networks into marketing, analytics and revenue-generating experiences. The Smart Wi-Fi solution provides an enhanced guest experience, data management, reporting and state-of-the-art security.

Segra’s Smart Wi-Fi solution empowers interactions with customers and attendees in real-time, which helps venues and businesses maximize marketing results, reinforce brand awareness, and build customer loyalty, all while providing an optimal, secure customer experience for users on and offline.

“Our Smart Wi-Fi solution takes Wi-Fi to the next level by enabling our customers to improve their onsite Wi-Fi experience and generate more revenue. As businesses seek to personalize guest experiences, Smart Wi-Fi will help improve those interactions and the overall customer experience,” said Kevin T. Hart, Segra’s CEO.

Segra’s updated Wi-Fi solution includes three package options to optimize a venue’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Analyze Smart Wi-Fi™ provides businesses valuable insights into their Wi-Fi solution.
  • Amplify Smart Wi-Fi™ enables businesses who provide Wi-Fi to earn additional revenue through digital advertising and sponsorships.
  • Engage Smart Wi-Fi™ gives businesses the power to gather customer insights through Smart Wi-Fi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships.

Scott Johnson, deputy director of Greensboro Coliseum Complex – one of the companies that were able to use Segra’s new Wi-Fi solution during its soft launch – says, “In the first three months of running the Segra Smart Wi-Fi solution, we added almost 25,000 new customers to our database, allowing us to reach event ticketholders with critical, time sensitive updates to their upcoming events. As we begin our busiest time of the year, we are well positioned to take full advantage of the guest engagement and sponsor value creation opportunities that this Smart Wi-Fi solution offers. This year, we expect to add exponentially to our database to better promote our events and associated activities.”

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About Segra

Built on a 125-year legacy of connectivity, Segra owns and operates over 30,000 route miles of advanced fiber infrastructure network throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. With employees across 90 facilities, including 14 sales offices and 9 data centers serving 44 markets, Segra is one of the largest independent fiber network companies in the Eastern US. Segra has a broad and dense service footprint that provides state-of-the-art Ethernet, MPLS, dark fiber, advanced data center services, IP and managed services, voice and cloud solutions, all backed by its industry-leading service and reliability. Customers include healthcare and higher education organizations, carriers, enterprises, and governments. For more information about Segra’s technology and commitment to customer care, visit


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