smartTrade Reports a Strong 2022 With Plans for Further Expansion In 2023

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FXsmartTrade Technologies, a leading provider of end-to-end multi-asset electronic trading solutions headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, is delighted to report a highly successful 2022, during which the company has continued to build on the achievements of previous years.

The acquisition of Toronto-based TickTrade Systems which took place in late 2021 was finalized in 2022, integrating all products and teams globally. The company now consists of approximately 300 experts in electronic trading who are deploying, implementing, and supporting smartTrade’s range of solutions. The combined expertise of the two companies allowed smartTrade to develop and release a combined LiquidityFX next generation (LFX-NG) platform. The new release combines the rich functionality of smartTrade’s LiquidityFX platform with a new value proposition for analytics, payments, crypto and automation, thereby delivering a huge amount of value to the FX market.

2022 also saw the development of smartTrade’s meta cloud technology, allowing the company to deploy and manage its infrastructure seamlessly using either its own private cloud or existing public clouds. The meta cloud is entirely managed by smartTrade and combines cost-effectiveness with security and reliability.

smartTrade acquired several new clients in 2022, extending its coverage in the UK, Japan, USA, Switzerland, and the Nordic region. In November, the company opened a Paris office as part of its commitment to a growing number of local clients. smartTrade also strengthened its executive leadership team across Europe, bringing valuable expertise in Operations, HR, and Finance.

A significant part of the company’s revenue in 2022 was a result of upsales, a testament to smartTrade’s expertise, and the strength and relevance of its roadmap investment. The trust placed by smartTrade’s existing clients, and the one who have joined smartTrade family recently, is a strong ongoing support for the company.

smartTrade understands that the market continues to evolve and that there is evermore pressure to deliver return on investments (ROI). As in previous years, smartTrade remains focused on ensuring that it will lead the way in providing value, innovation, and the competitive edge to meet the challenges that 2023 brings. To address these challenges, smartTrade has invested heavily in R&D across asset classes, developing its support in particular for precious metals, crypto assets and money markets. smartTrade sees a continuation in 2023 of the trends for banks to offer more products to clients, deliver greater client empowerment, deeper integration to existing infrastructure, more automation, and smarter actions thanks to machine learning and AI. smartTrade commits to deliver value to its clients in all these key areas and more for the year ahead.

David Vincent, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at smartTrade Group, said, “2023 will see a strong focus on growth. With the integration of TickTrade now complete, we have our sights set on new acquisitions as a way of expanding both our product offering and our geographical coverage. The energy and depth of knowledge of our leadership team will be key as we scale the company to the next level, and we look forward to the opportunity to offer even greater value to our clients and to their customers.”

About smartTrade Technologies:

smartTrade Technologies is a leading global provider of multi-asset electronic trading platforms, helping customers achieve business growth through our cost-efficient, technologically advanced secure private SaaS end-to-end solution.

smartTrade in-house hosted solutions support Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Crypto and Derivatives asset classes with connectivity to 130+ liquidity providers, enabling tailored aggregation, smart execution, risk management, order management, analytics, payments and multi-channel distribution.

smartTrade supports a variety of regulated and un-regulated Financial Institutions.

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